Top 13 Sequels I Would Like to See

It is funny how the video game industry works. Sometimes games are released that are just flipping amazing and change whatever genre they are a part of, and that’s when I am reminded why I love video games so much. We have had amazingly innovative and excellent titles, and when the industry knows there is a huge fan base for said games, they leave us hanging when the fans demand a sequel. I mean, why is that? We have money, we want to give it to you! So, here I am, I’m going to say what 13 sequels I would like to see and would give my money to purchasing, but, before I begin, here are some honorable mentions that almost made the list. I would love to see sequels to these games, but I just don’t see it happening unless they were handed to different teams and companies.1. Conker’s Bad Furday 2. Banjo Tooie (an actual sequel. I also know about the Banjo Tooie team wanting to make a spiritual sequel to this game)

Like I said, I would love to see a sequel to the games above, but with Rare doing just mediocre Kinect games, I just hope Nintendo pays to get those licenses back and hands them to Retro Studios, and you get the idea. Let us get started. Oh, and one or two entries will have two games in one spot, and this is my list so I’ll do what I want! You don’t like it? Well, you can make your own list!


13. Kingdoms of Amalur

This one might be the toughest, due to the developer’s more infamous financial scandal and closing of the respective studios. It’s a shame that those events happened, because in my opinion, Kingdoms of Amalur was one of the best RPG’s of 2012. Instead of designing itself like a PC RPG, it designed itself around God of War’s combat-mixed-with-epic-Western RPG mechanics and designs. Yes, the boss variety was small, the missions needed more variety, and the story might not have been as epic as it could have been, but I just had a blast playing through this game twice last year. Hopefully, some other company can buy up the Amalur IP rights and we can return to this wonderful fantasy world.

12. Skies of Arcadia

Oh Sega, what happened to you? You guys redeemed yourself with Sonic and Sega All Star Racing, its sequel, and Valkyria Chronicles, but it still doesn’t cover up the damage done by your past failures and flops in the Sonic franchise. I do respect that you let the Yakuza team make Binary Domain and I do want to see a sequel to that game also, but why not let the fans have a sequel to one of the best RPG’s around. It had a unique setting and unique gameplay. All you need to do for the sequel is to add visible enemies on the overworld and dungeons, and you would have a huge seller. Don’t you know how hard and expensive it is to get a Dreamcast or Gamecube copy of Skies of Arcadia? We all know you haven’t forgotten about it either because the main heroes of the RPG appear in Valkyria Chronicles and Sonic and Sega All Star Racing Transformed. If this rumor of you guys bringing the game to HD and for consoles is true, I’ll make sure to get it if you put it on the Wii U or any other console.

11. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West/Asura’s Wrath.

  Enslaved Odyssey to the West.jpg         Asura's Wrath Cover Art.png

I originally wanted to put these two games separately, but they both have something I love about them, good stories and grand moments. Gaming today needs a good kick in the pants in improving their story telling, and these games are good examples. Even if you don’t like the games from Ninja Theory, you can’t deny that Enslaved had a solid story with great characters. Asura’s Wrath from Cyber Connect 2 also deserves credit for having one of the top 10 well told stories of 2012. They also share the same issue with combat being a bit button-mashy, but if these two games can ever get sequels, all they would need to do is make more complex combat and that’s it. Well, Enslaved would need more boss variety, but other than that, they were great games.

10. Mystical Ninja a.k.a Ganbare Goemon

Even though Konami nowadays seems to be not very interested in making anything other than Metal Gear Solid games and mediocre Silent Hill games, I think they could truly go back and bring our favorite blue-haired ninja back on top! The American gamers like me kind of got shut out of seeing the entire franchise over here, since we only got 4 games out of the entire franchise, with the SNES and two N64 games being some of the best games on their respective systems. The humor is funny, the setting is great, and with today’s tech and gameplay innovations, Konami would do something truly amazing with this franchise on the Wii U or Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. Heck, if they can bring back Rush N Attack and Contra to their glory, then why not a blue-haired ninja?

9. Skygunner

Easily one of the most underrated PS2 games out there and probably one of the pricier finds, Skygunner is a flight combat game in the style of Rogue Squadron, Snoopy vs. The Red Baron, and Crimson Skies. The game, while having some issues, had a charming art style, great music, and an enjoyable light-hearted story. Sadly, this gem of a flying combat game didn't sell well, but is now considered a cult classic. So, why not make a sequel? Even though games like Ace Combat Assault Horizon are fun flight combat games, we truly do need a break from games that try to be way too photo-realistic and try to be realistic in tone and in gameplay. Let us hope Atlus can bring us a sequel to this flying gem.

8. Stubs the Zombie

Besides this game’s fun gameplay, quirky setting, and fun humor, this game is also well known for a stupid issue some congressman had with the game advertising cannibalism. Really? Who is going to say, “Oh, wow this game taught me so much about how to eat people, I’m going to go out and do it right now!”? What’s that? No one said that? Well, no DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, this game had a unique setting and a great sense of humor that reminds me of the first two Destroy all Humans games. I don’t know why this game never got a sequel, other than the obvious low sales. I mean, come on! I could see Stubbs tackling the 60’s hippie movement, the 90’s grunge era. It would have been awesome, and so many jokes could come from this one character going through these different time eras. Maybe the next game will be Stubbs the Zombie: Time Traveling Zombie A Go Go!, or you know, something that doesn’t sound that sill

7. Xenogears

Even though I am super excited for the next game that Monolith Soft is making for the Wii U, I would like to see them get back the Xenogears IP and make a new game. I mean, they would have to do so little. They would just have to add visible enemies, a more understandable story, and keep the fun combo-based combat. Plus, you got to pilot GIANT ROBOTS! WHO DOESN’T WANT TO DO THAT?! Even if this might seem impossible, it would still be very cool to see Monolith Soft’s founder, the guy who designed Xenogears, get back to this series.

6. Armed and Dangerous

I cannot say this enough, in all my years of gaming, Armed and Dangerous is one of the most fun experiences I've had playing a third-person arcade-style shooter/action game. This game was a breath of fresh air with its quirky cast of characters, clever script, variety in gameplay, and just overall enjoyable experience. Sure, the graphics weren't that good for Xbox standards and the later parts of the game can get a bit on the repetitious side, but the overall experience was a blast. Like Conker’s Bad Furday, this IP isn't even fully spent or milked. I could easily see our brave heroes get into other adventures and taking down other evil tyrants.


5. Vanquish

For anyone who reads my reviews, you might know I gave Vanquish the most disappointing good game of 2010 award, but that doesn't mean I don’t want to see the universe of Vanquish expanded! This is one of my all-time favorite shooters from this console generation. Plus, it’s Platinum Games, how can you go wrong?! Fast-paced shooting, combined with robots and awesome weapons, could really be expanded upon. Just throw in more creative bosses with variety and make it a longer experience, and you've got a Day 1 purchase from me!

4. Zack and Wiki

It wasn’t a financial success, but Capcom did make one of the more unique games for the Wii. Even if you don’t stand by the whole motion-controls-thing that the Wii offered, you can’t deny that the whole game was really creative, and a lot of passion went into making such a fun puzzle game. The creator said that he is interested in making a sequel, and I think we should support him in that. Even Capcom is saying they need to focus on new IP’s! So then, Capcom, why not get some respect back and make a sequel to one of the better Wii games that you guys made?

3. Rival Schools

I know there is apparently something keeping this fighting franchise from getting a true sequel, but I think it’s time to bring this group of rag tag students and teachers back for the next generation of fighters! Yeah, I know Capcom hasn’t had the best image for fighters due to their questionable business decisions, but even with all those questionable ideas they have up in their corporate HQ, I still enjoy games like Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, even when other people don’t. I love this series due to the variety of memorable characters and a solid combat engine. Yes, there was a sequel for the Dreamcast that expanded upon the original game, but now the main hero of the game series has only made fan and guest appearances in other Capcom games. Let us hope there will be another school rumble in the future!

2. Lunar/ Grandia


Just like any game on this list, I cannot say this enough, the Lunar series is one of the best and finely crafted RPG’s of all time, and this is, of course, from the same guys that brought you the Grandia franchise, which is also fantastic. HECK! Why not bring back both? Both games offered light-hearted stories and memorable characters along with some wonderful music and fantastic turn-based combat. All they would need to do is make the story and characters like the first two games (I haven’t played Grandia 3), make both games share a unique turn-based combat, and fill the entire game with that same passion and love that you had for the older games. Oh, and put them both on the Wii U so we can have an amazing RPG library.

1. Brutal Legend and Psychonauts


I freaking love Double Fine Productions. I give them my full respect in making unique and fun experiences with their games. While Activision milks Call of Duty, and Konami milks Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid for all that they are worth, Double Fine is making sure that each of their games are unique experiences, one after another. On the top of the pile of games that I love from them, Brutal Legend and Psychonauts stand as some of the best games they have made. Sure, I can understand why not everyone enjoys these games, but I say, ignore the negative and gravitate towards the positive love that these games get. Both of these games are in my top 30 favorite games of all time and I highly recommend you check them out. Brutal Legend has its mix of action and real-time strategy with a metal rock and roll style with big name actors and musicians like Jack Black and Ozzy Osbourne, and Psychonauts has its unique platforming/adventure style elements within a world filled with mentally powered kids. Both of these games need sequels, and deserved better praise and sales then they got. Instead of going for the next first-person shooter, why not throw down a couple of bucks for two of the more creative games out there.