Top 6 Guilty Pleasure Games

I was rather negative in my last Cream of the Crop list, and well, how about I do something more interesting this time for this list? I think we all have these kind of games that we secretly like, but would feel guilty if people found out about it. They might be good games or bad games, but you just have a secret love for it. I will tell the jury right now that these are the games I am guilty of loving or enjoying. Let us get started! Top 6 guilty pleasure games!  

6. Roller Coaster Tycoon

I am usually not a fan of these building-your-own-city/park/theme park simulator games due to all of the multitasking. Whenever I played these games, I usually played on the mode where I could just build whatever the heck I wanted without having to worry about resources, money or whatever. However, I did play a huge amount of Roller Coaster Tycoon, and I even got it a few months back off I just get so sucked into this franchise for some unknown reason, even though the Sim City franchise is probably much better in some aspects. Young or old, Roller Coaster Tycoon is a nostalgic experience for me, and I will always find time to play an hour or so of this fun theme park building simulator. 5. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

It seems like everyone doesn’t like this Final Fantasy game, and I can easily understand why. It takes everything that was great about Final Fantasy at the time, since this was released after Final Fantasy 4, and simplifies it to an eerily low extreme. Everything is way too simplified in this game and it can be a bit boring at times. However, I just love this game. Maybe it’s because I love the simple gameplay. Today, RPG’s have tried many ways to be more action-oriented, get a bit more complicated, and try to be fast-paced to keep the gamer’s attention, and for the most part, it fails 50% of the time. Sometimes, it is just more fun to go back to something simpler, just loving every bit of it.

4. Pokemon Puzzle League

I know in the end, this is a Pokemon-skinned version of Tetris Attack, and the Pokemon theme is face value and nothing else, but I just LOVE this game. I know there are probably better Pokemon Puzzle games, but I always remember renting this game A LOT. It’s just a fun game, and if you can get your hands on it, you should. 3. NFL Blitz

As sports games go, I would rather watch the games die in a fire, or at least have the decency to be 10 dollar patches so no one has to shell out 60 bucks every time for what is essentially the same game every single year. However, I do play NLF Blitz from time to time, and just have a blast with it. I put it as a guilty pleasure because I usually just bash sports games for being nothing more than just lazy and soulless games shoved out every year, but I always keep a secret, or, used to keep a secret that I play NFL Blitz from time to time. I even have fond memories playing NFL Blitz with my cousins. So, even if EA doesn’t stop making sports games, and even if they are selling fewer and fewer copies, I will always have NFL Blitz to keep me company.

2. Pokemon Channel

I will openly admit that this is one of the worst Pokemon Games around. I mean, nothing will ever beat Hey You Pikachu!, but this game is really not the best game ever. You barely do anything besides mini-games, solving trivia, and watching TV within a game. Insert your own Inception joke here. However, I also remember renting this game a heck of a lot even though I basically did everything that the game wanted me to. I don’t know why I really like this game so much. Maybe it’s nostalgia or maybe it has an unknown charm that pulled me in multiple times. All I know is, if I see this game for 5 bucks or less, I’m getting it.

1. Chulip

I honestly do not like how this game is designed. Its controls are clunky, and it’s hard to know where to go, or what to do. It can be incredibly punishing if you don’t save often, and it just has a whole lot of problems. I still love it though. Maybe it’s the game’s creepy atmosphere of what a demonic Animal Crossing would look like that keeps me coming back with just how weird it is. In the past, I gave the game a score of 6 out of 10 due to all the issues that I listed above, but I would say to anyone looking for a unique and just flat-out weird experience that they need to pick this game up. I might not like how it’s designed, but a lot of good memories come from this weird little PS2 gem.