Top 5 Most Disappointing Moments Of E3 2014

 photo badbanner.jpg Like I said I would do on my last list, I have made another list to explain the more disappointing aspects of this year’s E3. No E3 is perfect, and some E3 events have been rather terrible, but this year only had a few elements that I didn’t care for. Let us get on with it and list the most disappointing parts of E3 2014! 5. Ubisoft’s E3 conference

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I am going to start this list off with Ubisoft’s E3 press conference, because in my opinion, I thought this year’s conference was not as good as last year’s. I say this because in another conference they had already showed off two of their biggest IPs coming out. I know Microsoft probably paid them a pretty penny to have both Assassin’s Creed Unity and The Division at their E3 press conference, but once it got to Ubisoft to show off what they have planned, we already knew about those two games, and there was a little fatigue for me. I also didn’t care too much for their lineup of games. And then, let us not forget Ubisoft’s ill-thought-out response as to why some of their games don’t have playable female characters, but that’s an issue for another day and another article. Granted, once the conference got to Shape Up and beyond, the conference got better, and the showing of Rainbow Six Siege showed some promise, but in general, I personally didn’t find the conference as enjoyable as last year. 4. Developer Diaries/Teasers

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Listen, I get it, you’d rather show something than nothing at E3, but come on, at least offer a CG trailer introducing some of the concepts of your upcoming game. You know the phrase, “show, don’t tell?” Well, the developers that showed off teasers and developer diaries had that phrase, and reversed it by telling us and not showing much. Developer diaries are fine during any other day, but this is E3. Either show the gamers a minute-long or longer CG trailer or some alpha footage because we already have guys talking on stage about upcoming games. 3. The Constant Teasing

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I bring this problem up because of two things Sony did a little bit before E3 and during their conference there. For those that don’t know, a quickly squashed rumor came up a few days before E3 that The Last Guardian was cancelled, but Sony said it wasn’t. Now, during the E3 conference, they teased an old cult classic PlayStation 1 game called Vib Ribbon, but anything related to a new Vib Ribbon or The Last Guardian wasn’t talked about or announced. Listen, Sony, you can keep telling us that The Last Guardian is still in development, but it’s becoming annoying now that we haven’t seen anything about it for years. Show us that you guys are still working on it, or just flat out cancel it if you aren’t. There are only so many times you can say “you are working on it still” before it gets tiring with no proof to back it up. As for Vib Ribbon, why show it off? Why wouldn’t you say, “we will have something related to Vib Ribbon to announce in the coming months?” I put this issue low on the list because we might see these two games talked about at the Tokyo Game Show or another gaming event, but if not, then they would really have to explain what the deal is with those two games.


2. Press Conferences That Overstayed Their Welcome

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The best part of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo’s conferences were that they displayed a lot of variety within 2014 and 2015’s lineup of games. It was just great to see all three branch out with different games, while showing some of the sequels to main franchises at the same time. However, each conference at the event went on maybe a little too long. Sony really stretched their’s out with the whole PlayStation TV segment. I was so sick of hearing about it after the five minute mark. I watch E3 for video games, and while I did like some of the concepts that they talked about when they weren’t showing off new games, I wish they could have made that part much shorter. Or better yet, cut it out and save it for a different tech convention. I can understand why some are 45 minutes to an hour, but when they almost reach the two hour mark because of padding, you get bored and impatient, because really, you want to know about the games. 1. EA’s Press Conference

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If there was one company that I think had a pretty mediocre conference, it was EA. Sure, it had Dragon Age: Inquisition, a scripted gameplay demo of Battlefield Hardline, and some more footage of Mirror’s Edge 2, but I don’t think I have ever been so bored with a conference. You would think that with a lineup of disastrous game launches from last year, they would show that they have become a better company and show it to the gamers whose trust has been betrayed. However, they once again focused a majority of the conference to their sports games that, let us be honest, don’t change up too much. I think if they really wanted to be in the good graces of the consumers they ticked off with games like Sim City and Battlefield 4, they would have showed off some actual alpha gameplay of Mirror’s Edge 2, and maybe a CG trailer for Star Wars Battlefront. I know they showed off The Sims 4, but I honestly don’t know how excited people are for it, and I personally don’t care for the franchise. I just wish EA would take a few chances on some awesome new IPs, give their sports games a two-year development run instead of a yearly release, and make sure they don’t have another boring conference again.