Top 14 Games Shown at Gamescom

 photo gamescom01.jpg Gamescom has come and gone, and some interesting games were announced at the event that really surprised me. First, I want to say that this list will be mostly PlayStation and Xbox oriented. I would have loved to cover anything that Nintendo revealed, but I really can’t, when they don’t show off some Gamescom trailers, so I couldn’t find anything. Plus, they will probably do a Nintendo Direct in the future. My rules here for this list are pretty much the same as the rules I used for my E3 list. It can be a teaser, full trailer, or a gameplay-filled trailer, but I am not accepting developer diaries. I am also not going to talk too much about games I have mentioned on other lists like Little Big Planet 3, since there wasn’t much more shared about that and other games. Don’t get me wrong though, I cannot wait for Little Big Planet 3, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Destiny, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and any of the games Nintendo showed at Gamescom! Let’s get started!

14. Quantum Break

 photo gamescom07.jpg

Let’s start the list with a game that we finally got to see in action, Quantum Break. Remedy Entertainment, the people behind classics like the first two Max Paynes and the Alan Wake series, have yet another ambitious third-person action game on their hands. Not only does this game combine time manipulation, third-person shooting, and enemies that can move through the areas where time has stood still, there is also a show that coincides with the game. From what I can tell, there will be certain parts of the game where you make a choice, and that decision will lead to the episode changing a bit. It’s definitely an ambitious project, but we will have to see how it actually works. Maybe in the future, Remedy Entertainment will show us an episode of the show, and play the game showing the different outcomes to potential consumers so they are not confused about the show that coincides with the game. It might look a little generic, but don’t be fooled, Quantum Break is undeniably a game worth keeping an eye out on for potential Xbox One customers.

13. Roller Coaster Tycoon World

 photo gamescom11.jpg

I have mentioned in a past list that Roller Coaster Tycoon is one of my biggest guilty pleasures, and is a franchise I could easily pick up and play anytime I want. Unfortunately, Atari left a bad taste in some fans of the franchise’s mouths when they announced a new game, Roller Coast Tycoon 4 Mobile for the mobile platform, and that it had micro transactions. Of course, with little to no surprise, the game got panned. Luckily, they announced something awesome with Roller Coaster Tycoon World for the PC, and it won’t be set up like a free-to-play-style game. The game is being developed by Pipeworks Software, the guys behind Godzilla: Save the Earth, Godzilla: Unleashed, and the Devil May Cry HD Collection. Roller Coaster Tycoon World will have all the same elements you love about the original three games, with the inclusion of online cooperative multiplayer for up to four people, and the ability to visit other people’s parks. I will say that while I am super excited for this game. I hope they don’t go down the Sim City route and have it be an utter train wreck on day one.

12. The Tomorrow Children

 photo gamescom14.jpg

I felt bad not knowing about this game until a little bit after the event. The Tomorrow Children is an open sand box game developed by the talented Q games, the developer behind the PixelJunk games and Star Fox Command. The game is all about rebuilding the Soviet-inspired world around you after an incident in 1960s Russia, in which an experiment almost wiped out the human race. In the game, you will have to defend yourself from the threats that may come a’ knocking on your front door. The art style reminds me of something from Stacking, where everyone is a matryoshka doll, and it has that wood polish to the graphics. My only real concern is that this game will need to do more than have a different art style if they want gamers to purchase yet another open world sandbox game that might be like Minecraft. I also wish there was a little more shown, but hey, it’s on this list for a reason, because I was intrigued and excited to see such a game. Let’s hope we will hear some more about this game in the near future!

11. Silent Hills

 photo gamescom13.jpg

So, yeah, why is Silent Hills, what is considered to be the biggest surprise from Gamescom, not in the top 10? Well, for one, while I almost died of a heart attack a few times playing the “playable teaser”, and found myself on the edge of not even wanting to move an inch forward to progress through the demo, I am honestly still not a huge horror gamer. I enjoyed it, as well as seeing that Hideko Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro will be making the game with the main star being portrayed by, and looking exactly like Norman Reddus of “The Walking Dead” fame. It gave me an optimistic view on how this game will ultimately turn out, but I personally found games that were shown off at Gamescom that were more up my alley. However, even with that said, Silent Hills is still one of the best, if not the more surprising announcement from the event.

10. Until Dawn

 photo gamescom15.jpg

Here is a game I thought would never be talked about again, Until Dawn. If you are not familiar with the history of this game, let me explain. It was originally supposed to be released on the PlayStation 3 with PlayStation Movie support, but then went silent for about two years until Gamescom 2014. It has been given a huge facelift, from the graphics to the engine being used. It is using the same engine that Killzone: Shadowfall was using, and I have to say, it looks beautiful. The game also has the talent of indie horror writers Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick of “Habit,” “Stake Land,” and “The Last Winter” fame. The voice actors they got are also well known, with the talents of Brett Dalton of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,” Hayden Panettiere of “Heroes” fame, and Rami Malek from “The War at Home” and HBO’s “The Pacific.” The developer, Supermassive Games also totes that anyone can die in this game. You could have one survivor among the eight teenagers, or have none of them survive. My only real concern is that I hope the star power Until Dawn has doesn’t overshadow mediocre scares. I want to be terrified, I want to be clenching my controller to the point of almost breaking it, and I want to be left with a great cinematic experience.

9. Alienation

 photo gamescom05.jpg

This next game is being developed by the talented minds behind Dead Nation and the super popular Resogun, Alienation. The game feels like a mix of Dead Nation’s isometric combat and gameplay, but with a more arcade-like feel where you fight hordes of enemies, bright colors, and huge explosions. The trailer also shows us that we can either help out allies in need, or go rogue and kill them off. We will have to see what else this game will have hiding, but I am all for supporting Housemarque and their super fun games!

8. Ghost of a Tale

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I was so happy to see this game further into development. In a previous list of this year, I described this game as if you combined the atmosphere of Dark Souls with the world of the Redwall books. There are also some newer elements, like there are now live rat-like creatures, an emphasis on stealth, and our main hero, Tilo, has the ability to equip armor to protect himself from the dangers of rats, giant enemy crabs, and other unknown horrors. We will have to see if this game will be worth our time, or as they said in the trailer, a mere ghost of a tale.

7. Toy Soldiers: War Chest

 photo gamescom03.jpg

After falling in love with the unique and super entertaining CastleStorm, I have been on the lookout for the more interesting tower defense-style games. I then ran into the next game in the Toy Soldiers franchise, Toy Soldiers: War Chest! For people not familiar with this franchise, the whole game puts you into the world of those tabletop-style games, where you take control of, well, toy soldiers! It has a vibe that not a whole lot of games have. This time however, it seems like you will have to fight a new opponent that is filled with delicious gumdrops and rainbows. The overall gameplay still looks to be familiar, but maybe with this new threat, we can get new types of soldiers, combat vehicles, and much much more. The end of the trailer also shows that there are two more unknown factions. I can’t wait to hear more about this game, and if anyone wants to get into the franchise, you can find the first two games for PC and Xbox 360, or get both games with all the DLC for the PC.

6. Rime

 photo gamescom10.jpg

Talk about a developer who pulled a complete 180. Tequila Games went from a side-scrolling zombie game that was underwhelming, to an incredibly beautiful, vibrant, adventure game. I mean, wow, the more times I see footage of this adventure game, I am amazed at how incredible it looks. I remember talking about this game on another list and being concerned about whether there was any combat in the game or not, but luckily, this game is all about getting the young boy in the trailer off the island. All I know is that once this game is released, I will be getting it on my PlayStation 4!

5. Hellblade

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I know not everyone is a fan of the games made by Ninja Theory. You either like Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and Heavenly Sword or you really don’t like them. Personally, I like them, but they do have their flaws. However, I am always interested in any project they announce, and Hellblade is no exception. Some people said that it might be a spiritual sequel to Ninja Theory’s first PlayStation 4 game, Heavenly Sword, but the developer shot that down. It is a new IP, and they will do what they do best and make the game’s main character, Senua, a strong female, and have fast-paced and challenging combat. I wish there was some gameplay shown for the game, but hey, I can’t wait to hear more about it!

4. Screamride

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Even though I am super excited for the upcoming Roller Coaster Tycoon Worlds, it’s not like we haven’t had multiple other theme park or roller coaster building games since the 90s. I am just saying that you will really need to show us what makes your roller coaster building simulator unique. That is why I am more intrigued by Frontier Development’s Screamride. If the developer doesn’t sound familiar, it is the same company that made the 3D Wallace and Gromit games, Kinectimals, Kinect Disneyland Adventures, and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. From what the trailer shows, the game is all about building fast, adrenaline-pumping rides that will test the human body to withstand intense amounts of speed, and if they happen to die, well, that is all part of the process. I do like the look of the game with its slick, colorful graphics and more cartoony art style. I would like to see more of this game, but whether or not I get an Xbox One by next year, I can still pick it up for the Xbox 360. Let’s hope Frontier Development does a good job in making a fun game!

3. Bloodborne

 photo gamescom06.jpg

At first glance, I wasn’t really excited about this game. I loved the gothic horror art design more than the actual gameplay shown off at E3, but it looked just like Dark Souls, and while that isn’t a bad thing, I wanted the game to be more interesting than just another Souls game with a different paintjob. Luckily, during Gamescom, they confirmed that the game will be more action-oriented and faster, but will still keep combat as challenging as ever. I like this, because I am a guy who prefers faster combat than having it drag on for a while. My only real concern is that even though they sped up the combat, this means they need to tweak the controls to adapt to the quicker fighting. If they have the same clunky controls from Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, it would make the gameplay more annoying and unfair. I also noticed something in the playable demo where your character wasn’t the only one there, which might hint at some kind of multiplayer mode where you team up with other hunters to take out the city that has been infested. I also like that the enemies are not stationed in one overall location. From what I saw from the gameplay video, they will walk around the city, searching for you or their next kill. I really do hope that this game is going to be more than Dark Souls with a new paintjob, but From Software now has me eagerly awaiting this awesome looking game.

2. Wild

 photo gamescom04.jpg

Even if this makes me a little upset, since we all want to know if famed game designer Michel Ancel will actually start showing us real gameplay for Beyond Good & Evil 2, Wild, his newest game, seems to be a project that can distract us for a bit until more Beyond Good & Evil 2 news starts hitting the airwaves. The setting of this game takes place 10K years in the past, where you can play as a human, a boar, a wolf, or anything as you traverse through the untamed land of that time. The graphics are beautiful, the atmosphere grand in scope, and the music is also well composed. I wish there was a little more gameplay to be shown off with this game, like how combat works, but this was my second favorite surprise from the convention. What was my favorite surprise? Well...

1. Tearaway Unfolded

 photo gamescom08.jpg

I know this is just an enhanced port of a PlayStation Vita game. I know this could be a terrible sign that the Vita will no longer get any newer first/second-party games, but you know what? I don’t care! This was my favorite game shown off at Gamescom. I always loved the games made by Media Molecule, but I never wanted to plop down the cash for a Vita for Tearaway. I like that it isn’t just a straight port, and the game is now fully designed around the PlayStation 4 controller, and oh man, those visuals. The entire paper-craft world is beautiful. It’s like if Paper Mario took full advantage of its name and went into the full 3D realm and had it all look like 3D paper-crafted models. The music shown in the trailer is probably composed by the original game’s two composers, Kenneth C. M. Young and Brian D'Oliveira. They gave the entire game a folk and old-timey feel as you travel across the atmospheric land, using your PlayStation 4 controller to light the way through a dark cave or the touch pad to toss something back at the screen. This will easily be the definitive version of the game, and I wish 2015 was here so I could purchase this game!