Top 9 Games Shown at the PlayStation Experience

 photo playstation01.jpg The PlayStation Experience shows everything that I love about playing games on the PlayStation consoles. There is a lot of variety among the games they offer, and that’s one of the reasons why I love gaming. I know other companies are bringing variety among their libraries, but Sony seems like that’s ‘priority number one’ over everything else. Sure, they have their problems, but there is a reason why Nintendo and Sony are my favorite gaming companies among the big three. These were my favorite announcements, and like my last list, I won’t add Until Dawn and No Man’s Sky because I want to talk about those two games individually.

9. Drawn to Death

 photo playstation02.jpg

I have said in the past that I am not a huge fan of games that are multiplayer focused. They usually lack content, and even though they make a creative universe, they don’t take the time or effort to make a good single-player experience to complement the multiplayer. However, I will have to give David Jaffe credit with his new game, Drawn to Death. The look of the game honestly captures the setting of someone doodling in their high school notebook, since I was well known for doing this sort of thing at my high school. The combat is over-the-top, the character designs are delightfully clunky-looking, and it just seems like a super fun game. We will have to see how much content will be in the base game, but I do have faith that this game will be, at least, a load of fun.

8. Darkest Dungeon

 photo playstation03.jpg

I wrote an article about this game a while back, and I am so happy to hear that it is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, since I always thought the game would work well with a console that has touch screens/touch pad capabilities. I can’t wait to see how this dark, gritty, turn-based, and randomized RPG will end up, and I can’t wait to test my character’s sanity and see if he can survive the darkest of dungeons

7. Orcs Must Die! Unchained

 photo playstation05.jpg

The Orcs Must Die! franchise was, and still is, very popular on the PC and Xbox 360 side of gaming. The mix of combat and tower defenses didn’t really become my cup of tea until I played the fantastic CastleStorm. Now there is a new game in the Orcs Must Die! series called Orcs Must Die! Unchained. The new additions to this entry are the five-versus-five matches, where you can also set traps and summon hordes of minions. I wonder if this will be considered a little too hectic with two five-player teams, and hundreds of minions clashing with another, but the game has enough of a base design and personality to make this a good third game in the franchise. I can’t wait to smash some orcs!

6. Yakuza 5

 photo playstation06.jpg

I’ll be honest. I have been really behind on playing the games in the popular Yakuza franchise. I haven’t played Yakuza 3 or Yakuza 4. However, I am a fan of the franchise. It might have its more over-the-top elements, but it’s easily one of my favorite mature story-based franchises. Plus, it has some of the most satisfying combat in any brawler. Sadly, the popularity isn’t huge all over the world, and gamers here in the states usually end up missing a couple of the games in the franchise. It’s a shame since these games are pretty good! With four playable characters, multiple thugs to crack skulls with, multiple cities to explore, and an intense story, Yakuza 5, will be a blast to play through once it comes here to the states.

5. The Order: 1886

 photo playstation07.jpg

This is easily one of the more promising PlayStation 4 games out there. It has a unique setting. It takes place during London in the 1800s with elements of steam punk, has some pretty solid looking third-person combat and elements of horror. Some areas of the game are covered in a thick fog with werewolves roaming the sewers. With the recent inclusion of an airship level, I can’t wait to see what else this game will offer. I know some people are concerned that it’s going to be a flash-over-substance kind of game, where the story and graphical presentation take precedent over gameplay. For me, I don’t mind the third-person shooter aspect if it’s done well with tight controls and smart AI. Either way, are you ready to trudge through the thick fog-filled streets of London?

4. Fat Princess Adventures

 photo playstation08.jpg

Once again, I skipped over this multiplayer-only game, because you know the only way to fully enjoy a game like this is to play it with friends. However, seeing that they are now taking what was a multiplayer-only game and changing it to something like Magicka 2 and the recent Gauntlet reboot. I like the art style, and you can tell the game has personality. Now the concern comes with how they will make this dungeon crawler unique besides its cartoony art style. If you pay attention to a lot of indie games, the Gauntlet-style game is not very unique, and there isn’t much variation besides art direction. Hopefully, we get to see more of this game in the future. Just be careful getting that slice of cake.

3. Grim Fandango Remastered/Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition

 photo playstation09.jpg

How could I not be excited for this? A polished-up version of one of the best adventure games of all time coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. I mean, finding a copy is already hard enough. I picked up a European version since it was the cheapest to find. Plus, we are also getting Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition for the same platforms I just listed! Even if you aren’t much of an adventure game fan, but you have enjoyed anything made by Tim Schafer the past few years, you will then hopefully find these two games to be some of your favorites.

2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

 photo playstation10.jpg

I had a hard time picking which game to put at number one. Both of the contenders had great promise, and I am excited for both games. However, the second place position will be taken by Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. While I don’t really know what to expect with this adventure, it is nice to see some elements from 2013’s Tomb Raider implemented into the game, like having an additional item to help you scale walls and use a grappling hook-like item to swing from areas that are covered in rope. The big reveal at the end is, of course, the best part as we see the phenomenal Troy Baker play the role of Nathan Drake’s older brother. With downright gorgeous looking graphics, and a title like A Thief’s End, the final chapter in the journey of Nathan Drake shall be epic!

1. Tearaway Unfolded

 photo playstation11.jpg

I have put this game number one on a different list, but I have a very good reason to put it as number one here. Media Molecule’s Tearaway Unfolded represents why I love Sony. I mean, first off, Sony said yes to a game that has such a unique look with its papercraft world. Besides Nintendo, Sony seems like the only developer who is willing to try out different ideas and games to offer variety to the consumer. Microsoft is kind of catching onto this kind of business ideal with games like Screamride, but back when the original PlayStation was released, Sony was known for variety. You don’t just have shooters on Sony’s console, you have platformers, horror games, action games, puzzle games, and you get the idea. This is why Tearaway Unfolded is number 1. It represents everything that is good about owning PlayStation consoles.