Top 7 Worst Games of 2014

 photo worst01.jpg If we weren’t getting disappointing experiences, then we were pretty much getting garbage, since apparently in 2014, no one knows that we don’t like bad games! Luckily, I was smart enough to dodge games like The Elder Scrolls Online, Rambo: The Video Game, and a majority of the games released on Steam because, well, I knew better, but I was not smart enough to dodge the other piles of garbage that came out last year. Again, this list will contain only the games I played and considered to be bad. Let’s get started!

7. Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi

 photo worst02.jpg

I am going to start off this list with a game that many people probably didn’t know came out in 2014, Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi, an interactive novel set during the mid-late 1800s. For the most part, I am all for trying out different gaming experiences, and I hadn’t tried out an interactive manga. However, I really couldn’t get into this game. It’s a shame since some of the male main characters you interact with are pretty memorable, even if they might be anime stereotypes. The story was interesting enough to play for a few hours, but this game has some major problems. First off, that is all the game is, an interactive manga. No gameplay or anything to spice things up from the huge amount of text that is spread across this game. I also found the game’s low budget a turn-off in some aspects, like the constant re-use of backgrounds, and the slightly stiff animation or no animation at all for the characters. They have slight breathing animation, but nothing else. It would have been a much better experience if the guys you interact with had more animations to them and weren’t stuck on looking handsome all of the time. Maybe this game just wasn’t for me, and that is why it is at the beginning of the list. It has some good elements, but because of those good elements, the experience is brought down to the point where you have to be a very specific kind of gamer to enjoy it. In the end, I think interactive novels are outdated wastes of time. Maybe you found it to be a more enjoyable experience than I found it to be, but for one of the few times I will say this, this unique experience didn’t win me over.

The score I would have given this game: 4/10

6. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2

 photo worst03.jpg

This game isn’t even buggy or broken by a long shot. It actually played better day one than games like Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Does that still make it a good game? Of course not! This is still one of the most soulless platforming games I have ever played. Combat doesn’t feel satisfying, the story is nonexistent or worthwhile, and while the game has more varied bosses and level gimmicks, it still feels incredibly boring to play through. If you skipped this game and bought either Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze or Little Big Planet 3, then you did yourself a favor by skipping this mediocre platformer. Please don’t make another one, Namco Bandai.

The Score I gave this game: 4/10

5, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

 photo worst04.jpg

It’s funny and sad that I was looking forward to this game. It looked fun, I adored the colorful graphics, and it had a fun foul-mouthed ninja. However, the entire game was mediocre at best. The combat felt like the same stale action combat that you see in most movie licensed games, you fight the same bosses, Yaiba isn’t that interesting of a character, and it was a chore to go through. It doesn’t matter if you put fan service outfits like Mighty from Mighty No. 9 in this game, if the gameplay sucks, then it sucks. I can’t believe this came from Keiji Inafune and the guys behind Lost Planet 3. If you bought Bayonetta 2 instead of this garbage, then consider yourself safe from this terrible action game.

The score I gave this game: 4/10.

4. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

 photo worst05.jpg

Man, the funny thing about this game is that it was originally the worst game I played this year. Now, it isn’t, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a place on this list. Poor-looking graphics, a forgettable soundtrack, and a tedious progression system are not the only problems with this game. Lightning is a boring character that has no emotions or personality, but then at certain points in the game, they inexplicably give her some emotion. That isn’t just bad storytelling, that is bad writing in general! I also never felt stressed out about the timer. It becomes more like something pushed into the background, and besides, you are always given a way to stop time for a good amount of, um, time. I also never felt invested with the world I was trying to save, because it felt like no one cared that their world was ending. Sure, your party might need some fireworks, but you also have 7 days left to live! This game was so pointless and such a waste of time that I feel badly for anyone hoping this game would be good. The only element that is even worth talking about is the combat system, but even with a more action-oriented combat system, it doesn’t save you from traveling around a soulless world. I am happy that there will not be another game in this series because the less I hear about this Final Fantasy and the more I see and hear about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV, the better. Square Enix, I beg you, don’t make pointless RPG sequels to your main games in the franchise!

The score I gave the game: 4/10. The score I would give the game now: 3/10.

3. Escape Dead Island

 photo worst06.jpg

Holy cow, was this a disastrous game. I mean, how was I not able to see how bad this game was, ahead of time? This shouldn’t have been terrible. A third-person action game where all you do is fight zombies shouldn’t be that hard to make fun, but nope! This was one of the most tiring experiences I ever went through. You not only have bad graphics, clunky controls, unsatisfying combat, but you also have a story with unlikable characters. and a plot that doesn’t know what it wants to be! It doesn’t know whether it wants to be like “Planet Terror” where it is meant to be like a bad 70s-80s film, or deep and philosophical like Spec Ops: The Line. The end result of all this is one of the worst action games ever made, and definitely one of the worst games of 2014.

The score I gave this game: 3/10

2. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

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Hey, Sonic fans, you know what you got in 2014? An awful video game! Sonic Boom is one of the worst gaming experiences you can, well, experience from 2014. A nonexistent story, glitches up the wazoo, boring combat, loose controls, a soulless, confusing, and boring overworld to explore, yet another forgettable Sonic villain, and graphics that are at home with the early PlayStation 2 sum up the overall feel of the game. Not only that, but SEGA knew this game was awful, because they shoved it out the door and didn’t give any sites or reviewers review copies for the game. Even if it didn’t control like garbage and didn’t glitch out every two minutes, the game would still be mediocre, but with how unfinished the game feels, and how SEGA shoved it out the door with no thought of keeping their integrity intact, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is one of the worst games you can ever find.

The score I would give this game: 2/10.

1. Magus

 photo worst08.jpg

You know, I could argue a reason why the last three games deserve to be on this earth. They are still bad games, but I could find reasons for them, to an extent, be worthwhile. However, I cannot for the life of me find a reason why Magus deserves to exist. It looks like one of those horrible Early Access games on Steam. They get a bad reputation because of how badly the developer reacts to criticism, the story is pointless, and the game is four hours of repetitive, tedious, and bland gameplay. It’s no surprise this game got panned by critics, but what is more offensive to me is that the game tried to get on Steam. It leaves a bad message that the developers knew that their game wasn’t finished or good, but screw it! They had money for physical releases, and they were going to do that, and then as a result, screw over more people by trying to get on Steam using Steam Greenlight. It won’t work since so many people called them out on their shenanigans, and I know it won’t get on because the game is awful! Listen, I know how enticing it is to make your first big game. You want to make a game that you want to make, but want other people to enjoy it also. However, you need to put effort, and I mean actual effort into your product, because in this day and age a lot of us don’t have time to play games, and when we do, we would rather not spend money on terrible games. You know what happens when you don’t give a hoot about your project, and push it out the door with no regards of quality or fun? You get the worst game of 2014.

The score I gave this game: 3/10. The score I should have given it: 1/10.