Top 5 Elements The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Could Have Done Better

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC is one of the best games of this year. Not only do you get a great mature story, but you also get a huge load of content, an expansive world, multiple little stories within the overall main plot, gorgeous music, and some of the best voice acting around. Plus, you are going to get more content here than you will if you buy Batman: Arkham Knight at launch. However, there are still a couple of elements to criticize. It’s not a whole lot to criticize, but with its current gen/PC-only release, you would expect some elements to be better. Again, this is one of the top five best games of 2015 so far. However, just because it’s a fantastic game doesn’t mean it has any excuse for these issues. Call them nitpicky issues or act like a blind rage-induced fan boy because I dare criticize a good game. I honestly don’t care. Let’s get started!

5. The graphics could have been better.

I am not a graphics snob, and there is a reason why this is on the bottom of the list. However, while I am not in an uproar about the apparent graphical downgrade, I did notice some elements could have looked better. I saw some textures look low-rez, bunches of leaves on bushes were flat, and due to some inconsistent glitches, the textures up-close were really lousy in some areas. This is really the only negative I and everyone else can call a nitpick.

4. Glitches!

Since The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an open-world game, you should expect glitches. Some are minor, yet others have made the game unplayable for certain gamers. This is especially true with the Xbox One owners of this epic RPG that had reports of the Xbox One version being unplayable. I can understand if they weren’t allowed another delay, but this should have been priority number one over anything else. This one is also low on the list because a lot of the performance issues and bugs that are in the game are getting fixed. Still, because you took more time to take care of an early game exploit (which, in the end, created another exploit), instead of fixing a corrupt save-game glitch, it makes me feel that you need to rethink your priorities.

3. The rehashing of NPCs and enemy skins.

It’s 2015. The PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One have the ability to unleash so much creative freedom for the artists behind the game’s look and presentation. So then, why do the artists behind The Witcher III: Wild Hunt think it’s okay to keep rehashing skins? I can understand if it’s easy, but this isn’t a budget title where it would make sense. This is a multimillion dollar project. Why do all of the old women in the world have the same face? Why do all of the wraiths look identical? I think one of the biggest disappointments is the fact that the Griffin, the one monster advertised the most, in terms of the contract jobs in press videos, is reused multiple times. You have the Griffin, the Cockatrice, the Shrieker, and the Basilisk. Those four monsters basically used the same body type. Last time I checked, a lot of cultures made a Basilisk to look like a giant serpent. The only other time I have seen them in a different shape was in Dark Souls where they look like giant-eyed geckos. With this generation of consoles and games, there should have been more unique designs than just reskinning one model just because you can.

2. Side Quests

This will be in the reasons why this game is on the awesome list, but The Witcher III also suffers from some honestly repetitive and tiring side-quests. Whether it is something you need to pick up for an old man or a contract job, they did more quantity over quality in terms of their side-objectives. Sure, they are not required to complete, but I feel like they should have known to dial down the number of quests that repeat. For example, I got so sick and tired of fighting the same wraith in contract jobs. They give you so many of these types of contract jobs early on in the game. It’s honestly much more annoying than you would think since each wraith job is executed the same way. You hear a sad story about a woman getting killed, you then investigate the area where the murder happened. After that, you go back to the quest giver and get a crucial item to use to attract the wraith, then you fight the wraith the same way you fight just about every wraith. I got so tired of this that I was happy to finally be able to tackle other varied monster contracts. The other quests also felt tedious when you had to walk back and forward from point A to point B. When push comes to shove, I prefer quality over quantity.

1. The Game Kind of Wastes Your Time.

Now, before I continue on, let me repeat that I love The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It’s one of the best games ever made with a satisfying combat system and everything I have mentioned before. However, while a lot of people, including me, will praise how the game does not waste your time in a lot of areas, the game still has a lot of elements that I personally consider a waste. For example, not every NPC that you interact with increases their running speed when you run. Clunky item management, repetitive fetch quests and wraith quests, the infamous candle fiasco that is thankfully now patched are examples of how the game wastes my time, and in addition,  running and magic shouldn’t be tied down to the same stamina bar. you get what I am saying right? Like I said, I love how this game does a lot of elements right, so you don’t feel like you are wasting your time, but at the same time, they could have also improved in other areas.

There you have it, the elements I felt like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt could have done better. It’s still my favorite game of the year, but that doesn’t mean it can excuse itself from negative criticism. However, I do have a list in developing talking about why Witcher 3 is amazing. Just expect it to come out at a later date.