The 7 Most Disappointing Elements of E3 2015

Well, I wish everything was perfect, but it isn’t. While this year’s E3 was fantastic, it did have a few of the old E3 negatives on standby. The only honorable mention I will give is Nintendo’s lack of surprises, and the cynicism of their new Metroid spin-off game. I can understand the disappointment, but I feel like Nintendo was the least offensive element out of E3 this year. Not taking their side on things, but let’s be real here, that petition to cancel the Metroid game won’t work, and will probably do more damage than help as a whole to the series.


7. All of the VR stuff

I feel like I am alone in thinking this, but I don’t really see the big deal with virtual reality. I mean, as for right now. It’s a cool idea of being fully immersed inside a game’s world with nothing from the outside world bothering you, but at the same time, all of the games being made for the individual VR headsets aren’t all that impressive. I don’t play a lot of first-person games, because I never feel fully immersed due to a multitude of different reasons, like platforming or combat. It would be cool to see something like a third-person action or platforming game being made for the VR headsets. Plus, on top of having to fix the whole motion sickness, the price of entry will be too much. A PC plus the Oculus Rift will cost you $1500, and for most people, unless they are spoiled rich or have saved up for months, won’t be able to invest into something like this. I just don’t feel like it is ready yet. Maybe after one or two more console generations it will be, but I agree with Reggie of Nintendo of America, it doesn’t look fun at all.


6. Sony, no one gives a hoot about your non-gaming stuff!

Sony had one of the best conferences in a while. It was definitely better than the one from last year, but on top of zoning out on all of the Activision exclusivity, I really didn’t care about the flipping TV stuff and the PlayStation Vue. I watch E3 for the video games, and not some kind of service that might make you even more bankrupt instead of learning how to make the PlayStation 4 backwards compatible.

5. The boring forgettable speakers

You know how fun it is to watch Aisha Tyler on the Ubisoft conference or the guy that made Unravel? What about the super funny puppets from the Nintendo conference? Well, we needed more of those. All throughout the conferences, they had such boring people that acted like robots in suits. You are showing off video games that should be fun and amazing, give a hoot, or else the viewers and consumers aren’t going to be interested! Give some effort, and don’t try to act cool to the younger gamers. Show us you have the passion for the games you make.

4. Conferences overstaying their welcome

A huge problem with a lot of these conferences and anything from games to movies is the fact that they can overstay their welcome. That was true with a majority of these conferences. EA could have cut the time on their Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 in half, since we saw some of it during Microsoft’s conference, and Ubisoft really didn’t need to have Jason Derulo sing badly during the Just Dance sequence. Just show us the trailers and gameplay demos, and don’t bog down the experience with pointless fluff. Oh, and EA talking about sports was utterly painful to sit through. Oh and don’t even get me started on the PC Conference. To me, that was the worst one. It was such an over-bloated mess of stuff that could have been scrapped. You get what I mean, right? Be an hour and a half long or maybe just an hour, don’t pad yourself out.

3. Dark Souls III

Now, why is this game down here? Well, a lot of people including myself are concerned that the Souls franchise that includes Demon’s, Dark, and Bloodborne are going to be turned into yet another yearly sequel that has gone the way of Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, and Madden. Everyone was already underwhelmed with Dark Souls II, and no offense to Hidetaka Miyazaki, but I would like to see him make other games besides this popular niche franchise. The best games that come out take at least two-three years to get made, and yet the hardcore and bias Souls fans are not thinking this. They just write this concern off like it’s no big deal, but just you wait. Maybe next year they will announce a Bloodborne 2 (which would be cool, but still), and then when that comes out, they will announce a Dark Souls IV, and the quality will dip and the games will spike in quality both good and bad. Whether you are a fan that will admit when the games have huge flaws or not, you should be worried that this might happen.

2. Microsoft and EA’s lack of game variety

My biggest problems with these two companies are the fact that they are not willing to try something new. Remember how varied Microsoft’s E3 conference was last year? You had Sunset Overdrive, Ori and the Blind Forest, Phantom Dust 2, and Scalebound. What about this year? Microsoft had the same boring games that no one wants. They could have taken the time that was given to that egocentric pat on the back with Ford and talked about Scalebound or the current state of Phantom Dust 2. What about Crackdown? Why didn’t we hear about this game? EA is more offensive to this because at least Microsoft has Sea of Thieves and Recore. The only good EA game was Unravel because it was the game that stood out the most. Heck, they should have shown more of that game than the stupid mobile garbage they try to give us that no one wants. Still, I wish both companies would go back and actually give us more varied gaming experiences than what they have given us.

1. The “Tell Don’t Show” mentality of the conferences

This has been the biggest issue with E3 for years, and it is no different this year. A lot more CG trailers and more talking were shown instead of actual gameplay. You can tell us how much EA has innovated or improved the game, but when you don’t show us or visually explain how big this improvement is, then don’t bother telling us. Square Enix was a huge offender with this, because they showed so many trailers with very little or no actual footage.  Listen, you can talk about stuff, that is fine, but showing us the gameplay gives us more of an idea about the game than a CG trailer. Heck, I’ll take a scripted gameplay demo over someone talking and sounding completely bored and robotic any day of the week.

Will these problems be solved or answered for next year’s E3? Who knows? This was a great E3, but I still wish they could do better since I am now leaning towards the side of why a lot of people don’t care for it. Still, I can’t wait for next year.