Top 5 Reasons Why The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is Amazing!

I deeply apologize for the wait on this list. I had a lot of stuff going on between this list and the list of The Witcher III’s negatives. Now then, I think I need to remind everyone that I really, and put emphasis on really, love The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt. It’s easily in my favorite games of 2015 so far, alongside Final Fantasy Type-0HD, Bloodborne, Read Only Memories, and Splatoon. I am going to list the obvious reasons why this game is amazing. Also, it’s good timing since the developers just released a new expansion. Let’s get started!

5. The story/characters

You know how you have all been wanting that one “Game of Thrones” game that does the show justice? I mean, outside of the one Telltales has made? Well, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt has probably one of the most complex and in-depth characters and lore of most RPGs that come out this year. Heck, it’s one of the best examples of storytelling around. Each quest, each side-quest, and each main-quest narrative is filled with brilliant writing, well developed characters, and due to the story’s multiple outcomes, the world will actually change around you, depending on what you do. Seriously, this is one of the wordiest games I have ever played. Granted, some conversations could have been cut down a bit, but you can get lost within these conversations that build on the lore and world through which you travel. It’s a great way to get lost in such a complex world.

4. Combat

I was not a fan of The Witcher 2’s combat. It was fun, but felt clunky and not as satisfying as it could have been. Luckily, they streamlined a few elements, and now the combat, where you use two different swords, a crossbow, and magic, feels more action-oriented. It is more satisfying to attack enemies and giant monsters, since I feel like way too many western-style RPGs are made with a PC RPG combat engine in mind. It’s why I prefer games like Kingdoms of Amalur or Dragon’s Dogma. I can run, hack, slash, burn people into a crisp, and much more, without feeling like I’m being held back by stupid PC RPG design. Sure, when someone hears that word, “streamlined”, they cringe in fear that it will just be a button masher. Well, good for you, the combat still has a lot of strategy to it. What else do I need to say? It’s a great combat engine.

3. Contract Jobs/Side Quests

I know I bashed the repetitive side-quests, and how some of the contract jobs early on in the game are boring, but once you start fighting giant monsters and learn the ins-and-outs of the action-oriented combat, contract jobs become one of the best elements of the game. I remember I was returning from a side-quest, and came across a cave. It just so happened that cave had a giant monster in it. I smoked it out of hiding and went outside of the cave. Once I saw the giant creature fly off, I chased after it with my horse and took it down. It was one of the most thrilling battles of the game for me. I also enjoy that the side-quests do have substance to them. It is never just a simple quest. Like everything else in this game, there is a story behind it. While I still stand that some of the quests in this game are boring, I won’t deny how much substance they have to them.

2. DLC Done Right

Man, that DLC debacle for Evolve felt so long ago. It’s still disappointing that specific game lost any hype or worth to many gamers because of how huge the push was for DLC. It became less of an actual game, and more like a bottomless money pit. It didn’t help the actual game was simply bad, as well. Luckily, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt knew what to do with its DLC. The developer gave out a huge amount of little DLC downloads for the gamer to download. The best part was that it was free, with no nickel and diming the consumer. You get a full game that is amazing, and little bits of DLC that will expand our time in the game’s world. Oh, and the expansion is really good.

1. It treats you like a respectable consumer.

So many game developers these days seem to treat you more like a walking bag of money and credit cards than actual consumer. We buy the game and play it, why should they care if the game is not satisfying and the DLC is outrageous? They have our money and that is all that matters. That is why games like Splatoon and The Witcher III have given gamers and consumers all the more reasons to pick the game up. Both are incredibly fun games that offer you something fulfilling, and have offered content to consumers for free. No extra charge. I felt like I got a full game with The Witcher III, since the game will last you hours, but you have great gameplay and an epic story to keep you going. More games need to start learning from games like The Witcher III, and make sure the consumer and gamer’s satisfaction comes first. This is why The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, is one of my favorite games of the year, and why it’s deserving of all the high praise it is getting, and has gotten. Now, if you will excuse me, I will need to wait and buy the obvious GOTY edition that we will be obtaining next year or so.