Top Games from Paris Game Week

I really wanted to tackle the 2015 Tokyo Game Show announcements, but time got the best of me. However, when I heard about Paris Game Week, I knew I had to make a list of my favorite games announced during that event. This list will be mostly about Sony’s line-up, since they were the ones getting the biggest amount of press and buzz. I would have been happy to talk about Microsoft or Nintendo’s games, but no one was really there besides Sony. Let’s get started!


11. Boundless

Remember when Minecraft was unique and interesting? Remember how it stood out among indie games before a flood of rip-offs and games that are way too similar to it were popping out of the woodwork? Well, that is why I started this list with Boundless. Granted, Boundless looks a lot different than Minecraft in a lot of ways, but when you see the first-person view, the bricked look of everything just makes me not as excited as I thought I would be. However, I will say that the game looks interesting. I also like the fact that they will try to make it playable between PC and PlayStation 4 players. I will definitely have to check it out for myself when it comes out in the future.


10. No Man’s Sky

Ah yes, No Man’s Sky. This is easily one of the most highly anticipated games that will hopefully come out in its June 2016 release date. However, it’s low on the list since it seems like they are just showing us the same footage, and not telling us much else about what the game has to offer. Sure, seeing some of that first-person shooter gameplay in the trailer was nice, but what’s the plot to the game? Is there a plot? Is there more than just exploring? I want to really be excited for this game, but after such a long wait and barely any info, which in a way is a good thing, it’s hard to keep up the hype for the game. Still, it’s on this list for a reason, and I’m looking forward to it. I just hope it doesn’t become the indie version of Star Citizen or the next big overhyped game.


9. Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

This is the first and only expansion to the critically acclaimed Bloodborne. It’s easily one of the best games of the year, but I am having a hard time wanting to go back into the game. After seeing the announcement of the new expansion, The Old Hunters, It might make me want to trudge back into the game’s harsh and brutal world. Seeing how a lot of the new trailer focused on the new weapons and that terrifying monster, I hope that will be enough for me to step back into the shoes of the hunter.


8. Battlezone

I’m honestly not that big on the whole Virtual Reality hype train that everyone is making a big deal out of. It seems like a very limited market, and most developers probably won’t find a way to get rid of motion sickness. It makes me hope that certain games that are being made for these VR headsets can be played without them. I hope for this since I really want to play Battlezone, a multi-player-centric tank game. It looked like old-fashioned fast-paced piece of arcade goodness. I love game like this, since I don’t really care for most multi-player-centric games. Some of my concerns for those types of games do pop up, like the lasting appeal of multi-player-only games, but I do hope Battlezone can be fun with or without the VR headset.


7. Alienation

Just like another game on this list, I was rather excited to see more of this game in action. Something about isometric action games always intrigues me, and of course, I should be excited for Alienation. It’s made by the same individuals that made Dead Nation and Resogun. With fast-paced action, hordes of aliens, and different playable characters, Alienation will be a tough and frantic romp.


6. Horizon Zero Dawn

I am so hyped up for this new game. I love the idea of having to fight robot animals with a bow and arrow, the default item for strong female video game characters (Thank you, Hunger Games). Okay, cynicism aside, I am looking forward to this game. I want to see if the developers behind Killzone will bring a strong story-focused single-player game. However, I do wish they would show us something else other than the stuff that we have already seen from E3 and so on. I liked how they broke down everything, but still. I want to see something new, like the main character interacting with the other tribes that were seen in the trailer. Even with that little issue, I can’t wait to play this game.


5. Gravity Rush Remastered/Gravity Rush 2

On one hand, I am rather excited to finally play this new Sony IP, since I am never getting a PlayStation Vita unless someone sends me one, or a PlayStation TV. The game looks gorgeous, and the combat is rather unique for an action game. I am always happy to try out new IPs and gaming experiences. On the other hand, I wish the first game was getting a physical release here in the states, since the other parts of the world are getting them. I’m just saying, if Sony is allowing physical versions of digital-only games like Helldivers or Stick It To The Man!, then Gravity Rush, one of their own IP franchises should get a physical release or be a preorder add-on for the second game. However, I should be clear that even with that little bit of annoyance, the two games look great, and I can’t wait to add more to my small PlayStation 4 library.


4. Ratchet & Clank Remake

I was a little concerned with how this game was being handled. Not that I didn’t think Insomniac couldn’t make it good because they are one of my favorite developers, but that it was a remake of the original game, a reboot of sorts, and it was tying in with the upcoming movie. Luckily, the game looks fantastic and gorgeous running on the PlayStation 4. Ratchet & Clank has always been a franchise that you could count on for high quality games, and this upcoming reboot/remake/movie tie-in game will be on the top of my Gamefly list!


3. WiLD

I was so happy to hear more about WiLD by Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel. When it was announced back in 2014 during Gamescom, I was already hooked by the fact that you can play in this vast open world filled with mystical elements. Seeing the gameplay and how you will be able to transform into any animal, and fight off killer cannibals was already making this a must-purchase game. It made the point even more to buy the game when you got to see the snake woman. I can’t wait to find spirits or whatever is in this game playing as the shaman. This is easily one of my most anticipated games, and I hope I can somehow find a way to play a hands-on version of the game in the future.


2. Detroit

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. Yes, David Cage is a polarizing subject in the video game industry. Yes, his games like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls have major flaws in some of their designs. But you know what? I like his games. I relate him to Tim Schafer, in the sense that both are brilliant game designers that show that you can and should do something different to stand out from the crowd. Both need control in terms of their creativity though, so they don’t go overboard like Beyond: Two Souls’s weirdly-paced story or the last third of Broken Age. Now then, let’s talk about David Cage’s new game, Detroit, a so called “not sci-fi” story about a female android who experiences and discovers the actual world outside of the factory in which she was made. While we have definitely seen this style of story before, I’m always anticipating seeing how they handle the topics at hand. Of course, since this is Quantic Dreams, the game looks gorgeous and super realistic.


1. NieR: Automata

Yeah, this should be no surprise to anyone that knows me. It’s an action RPG being made by the Platinum Games, and it’s a sequel to a cult favorite RPG. This game is actually a miracle of sorts, since the original game didn’t do so well with the critics and gamers, and I don’t think it sold very well. It’s great to see Square Enix doing a few more experimental games while they, of course, keep making their Final Fantasy games. Plus, it’s freaking Platinum Games! I personally don’t think they have made a bad game. I can’t wait to purchase this game for my PlayStation 4!