Worst Games/Things of 2015

2015 had some bad games and incidences! Let's get the train rolling with what I consider to be the worst that 2015 has to offer!

7. Star Wars Battlefront

Talk about a game that lost its good will faster than most games. Star Wars Battlefront got everyone excited, but then everyone realized that it was attached to EA, and then everything went downhill from there. It’s a graphically gorgeous game, but with its $50 season pass, its extreme lack of content, anything worth the initial $60 purchase, and how it put up preorders first before showing legit gameplay, it was upsetting for many. Not to be smug, but I knew this game wouldn’t do well. It had all of the bad signs of being a flop, like being a multiplayer-only game, wanting to rake in preorders, a season pass that cost just as much as the game, and some other little facts. In the end, it was just a boring game to play through, and a lot of it was pretty unbalanced. This should have been a slam dunk, but it really wasn’t. The force definitely was not in this one.


6. Evolve

While the new Battlefront was bad, at least it didn’t pull the preorder bullocks as much as Evolve did. Talk about a game that was basically dead mere months after launch. It already brought a lot of bad karma its way because of how aggressive its preorder plans were, and once we got the game, it was just mediocre. Not counting the preorder stuff, the day-one DLC was pointless, the gameplay becomes very repetitive, the universe is boring and flawed, the “story” blows, and the overall game doesn’t take advantage of its concept as much as it should have. It’s a shame 2K and the developer of Evolve tried to bank on the legacy of the developer. Shame on you,Turtlerock Studios.


5. Godzilla

This should have been hard to screw up! Sluggish controls, bare-bones fighting, hugely unbalanced challenges, horrible graphics, and a huge lack of content makes this game baffling to me. It’s not fun. It doesn’t matter how much fan service you put into the game, like how the buildings explode, and the corny voice acting, if the game isn’t fun, then it isn’t fun!


4. Yasai Ninja

Boy, I have no idea why I was looking forward to this game. This is easily the worst indie game I have played in 2015. The graphics might look decent, but the combat is the pits, the amount of slowdown is vomit-inducing, and the music is nonexistent. I feel like the designers didn’t ever play an action game. Unsurprisingly, this game is considered the worst game of the year by a lot of people. Say what you will about Afro Samurai, at least it got pulled from storefront.


3. Rooster Teeth’s response to Jeff Gerstmann’s Fallout 4 review

So, for those that may not know, Rooster Teeth is a popular gaming website that leading up to Fallout 4’s release did a bunch of sponsored and branded videos for the game. For now, this was just your typical brand deal. That was until one of their shows called out Jeff Gerstmann for his apparently low review score for Fallout 4. They called him out for giving the game a lower score, because in their opinion, he “wanted attention”. First off, that makes you look pathetic and shallow for doing such a thing, and secondly, that is big talk coming from a company that did sponsored videos, and wore Fallout 4 Pip Boys. Yeah, you don’t look hypocritical doing such a thing. Plus, they said they didn’t like it when people did low review scores…like, really? Why should we trust you for an honest review score from you guys with all of your brand-dealing? Sorry, but I’m so glad that this one little moment in time backfired on you.


2. Valve’s terrible quality control on Steam and Customer Service

Good lord, Valve, how many more times and videos online is it going to take to actually get you to have good quality control and customer service for Steam? I mean, it’s been years now, and everyone is criticizing you for it. It’s not like you aren’t making any money. You obviously have enough to make Steam controllers, your own VR headset, consoles, and Gabe is obviously rich enough to invest in a freaking cooking school. Why not hire teams to scrub Steam of all the garbage and bad developers, or hire new groups of Steam customer service. Why? Because whatever you are doing now is not working! There are reasons why some people are actually praising EA’s Origin customer service, because they actually support the customer! This is why I don’t understand all the blind praise Valve and Steam get. They have so many faults, but most individuals turn a blind eye so garbage like Gabe Newell Simulator can get on Steam. Seriously, Valve, get your stuff together and stop with this “we don’t have to do much since we want gamers/developers to have a lot of freedom” bullocks.


1. Konami

Godzilla might have been a wrongfully-priced, mediocre experience with a serious lack of content. Evolve tried to get away with preorder and DLC shenanigans, while giving everyone an inferior product that banked on the legacy of the developer. Yasai Ninja was the worst action game I have played in some time, with technical issues, broken unsatisfying combat, and nothing really worthwhile about it. Rooster Teeth looked pathetic calling out reviewers for lower review scores. Steam is a responsibility-dodging service that fails to have quality control. However, no matter how bad certain games, individuals, and services got, and they still deserved all the flack, but at least they weren’t Konami. Talk about something that was worse than anything in this past year. Not only did they basically fire the last good designer they had, Hideo Kojima, and take his name off Metal gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but when word got out about how they treat employees, and what working conditions are like, yeah, they ended up looking like the very worst sweatshop around. Not giving new employees what they need, firing or relocating veterans of the company to menial tasks, making pachinko machines out of favorite franchises, and basically giving the big middle finger to anyone who is trying to call them out and criticize them. Oh, and blocking Kojima from getting his award was garbage. Anyone who is still grasping onto the company, and begging for a new Silent Hill or Castlevania should stop being so blind to them. I know that sounds harsh, but anyone who was anyone that worked on the older games from Konami’s line-up are no longer there! If you really wanted to support those individuals, then go support Project Scissors: NightCry, Project Phoenix, or Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Those teams deserve your money more so than this shrill, soulless, and morally bankrupt company that is known as Konami.