Most Disappointing Elements of E3 2016

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Like every year, E3 has some high points and some low points. E3 2016 is no different. I think the underwhelming elements of the event balance out the good. You can argue that some of this is nitpicky, but this is my personal opinion. If you didn’t find these as bad, you can comment below, and tell me what elements of E3 2016 were disappointing to you. These will also be in no particular order. Let’s get started.

Lack of surprises from Nintendo

Listen, I love Nintendo. Even if the Wii U didn’t do well, I love it, and have more games for it than my PlayStation 4. However, while I knew they weren’t going to show much, probably not wanting to have to compete with Microsoft and Sony at the event, but they could have surprised us with some NX talk or something like that. It would have been great if the newest Zelda, which looks amazing, wasn’t the only thing people were looking forward to. Like I said above, I love Nintendo, but they need to start surprising us with some blind-siding announcements. It’s a shame since what they did show off was nice. Just wish there was more.

Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

Man, an open-ended Far Cry-style Tom Clancy Ghost Recon game? Doesn’t that sound like it should be very impressive and exciting? Well, the demo, while technically great looking, and the idea of co-op is a welcome option, the game itself seems very, middle- of-the-road. It doesn’t look terrible, but on top of the fake banter from the “players” and how scripted the entire video could be, it was pretty underwhelming when the overall idea shouldn’t be. Maybe it's because Ubisoft loves doing these big open-world games that once we have seen one, we have seen them all. I would love to be proven wrong, but Ghost Recon: Wild Lands is definitely not on my most anticipated games list.

Still not convinced about VR

While the VR games shown off during the event were definitely more amusing and interesting than what we have seen or have gotten in the past, I’m still not fully on board. Some of the games that are pure VR experiences or have VR experiences are still not that impressive to me. I think I’m going to wait for a price drop before trying out any of the VR stuff, since the experiences I have had weren’t great.

A bunch of Star Wars/EA No Shows/EA’s Conference

EA, explain this to me, why were you even here at E3? Sure, Fe was pretty cool, and seeing how we are getting a multitude of Star Wars games is nice, but you had barely anything worth a hoot to show! You essentially played the extras you unlock in a game, or the DVD-extras on a movie. Why were you there, besides to pimp out your sports games? Heck, those segments took way too long. Really, you have no reason to be there EA. Don’t talk about something you can’t show us!

Ubisoft’s Fetish with Open World Games

While For Honor, Watch_Dogs 2, and South Park: The Fractured But Whole were the best parts of that conference, I’m getting tired with Ubisoft having this thing for open-world games. Listen, I get it, I like traversing a huge beautiful world as much as the next guy, but when you either put into too many of the same missions, or don’t put enough in at all, then that becomes a problem. Why not make something else that isn’t an open-world game? And where is my Beyond Good and Evil 2? Stop saying it’s in production, and actually show us the game!

PC Gamer Conference

While better than last year, and definitely not as boring, PC Gamer’s Conference also felt pointless. They had a few interesting games, but nothing was earth-shattering. It’s like they couldn’t get the more interesting reveals, and instead got the ones Microsoft didn’t want to show. I also found myself exiting out of the stream for the Ubisoft one, which was also underwhelming, but at least it had three good parts. I can’t remember a single game that was shown off during the PC Gamer stream that was on my mind. Either get some major titles to show off, or don’t spend the money for a conference at all.

Scripted gameplay videos/Forced Banter/ Get Someone Who Actually Plays Games to Demo Your Game!

You know what made last year’s Uncharted 4 video charming? It’s because they ran into a legit glitch in the demo shown. I’m now getting to the point of wanting to see those incidences more than these tightly scripted game sequences. They should know how people actually play games, and how they talk. Every time companies do this, it just feels corporate and yeah, I get it. They want to make sure the investors don’t have a heart attack by glitches and bad gameplay, but it feels insulting that the games will be that polished and they think we all talk like they show in the “live gameplay sequences”. Do we really need to remind everyone what happened with Assassin’s Creed Unity?

Bethesda’s Ego-stroking Conference

Listen, I get why Bethesda should be feel proud of itself. It has its hands on two of three really good reboots of id Software titles, two of the most popular franchises around, and have some interesting upcoming games. Too bad this year’s E3 was them stroking their own egos. Like, seriously, most of the time, it was them saying how amazing they were. Well, if they think they were so amazing, they wouldn’t have almost killed Doom’s chances of being a hit by focusing so much on the game’s worst aspect. Yeah, they have the reins back on multiplayer, but it’s too little, too late for me. And to be honest, The Elder Scrolls: Legends doesn’t look all that impressive. Yes, if you are feeling good about your success, then feel good about it! But don’t make an entire conference to show off mostly DLC add-ons, a remastered version of a last generation of a game known more for its mods, a glimpse of the new Prey, and then show a really horribly paced Dishonored 2 segment.

Xbox One Slim or Project Scorpio?

I really don’t get this part of the Microsoft Conference. Why would you do a Xbox One Slim, when you are already making a super strong Xbox One? Why would you do that? If I wanted to get an Xbox One, I would wait for Project Scorpio. There is no reason for Xbox One Slim to exist, besides screwing over day-one adopters, and to confuse the consumer base.