God of War 2 for Playstation 2

Greek mythology can be pretty epic, depending on what story you are reading. So for some reason, a game hasn’t been properly made to revolve around the Greek mythology, until 2003 when the almighty God of War came to the Playstation 2. It was such a huge success that it got a sequel, which was even more epic and more awesome then the last game. Let’s talk about God of War 2 for the Playstation 2.

The plot of God of War 2 follows the first God of War and the God of War game for the Mobile Phone. Kratos is now the new god of war and feels alone on Olympus since the other gods don’t trust him, and he is still haunted by his past. So, Kratos goes and does what every mad, lonely man does, and joins his Spartan army down at Rhodes to beat the enemy. Zeus, then betrays Kratos, and his powers are taken away and put into the Colossus of Rhodes. After the two fight, the hand of the colossus crushes him and almost kills him. He is then killed by Zeus himself with the blade of Olympus and is sent to Hell. As Kratos is being dragged into Hell, the mother of the titans, Gaia, tells Kratos he isn’t done yet, and brings him back from the dead. Kratos escapes from Hell. Kratos is now hell-bent on getting back at Zeus, and goes on another adventure.

The best thing about the God of War series is how they portray Greek mythology. They use actual Greek mythological characters, but they twist it up a little bit. This means that everyone and everything you fight is based on some part of Greek mythology. It’s creative, and the only other game I have seen use mythology is Okami for the Playstation 2 and Wii, but that’s another game and another time. I could take time to list all the Greek mythology references, but I’ll save that another time also.

The game play style of God of War 2 is mainly the same as it has been in most of the games in the series. It is a hybrid between hack and slash, plat forming, and puzzle solving. You take control of Kratos again as you go through huge levels fighting monsters and Greek icons like Theseus and Perseus. The monsters are mostly the same, like you get to fight cyclops, undead soldiers, minotaurs, and harpies. This time though, there are new ones like griffins, beast lords, new forms of satyrs, and these really annoying summoners who summon minotaurs. This time around, Kratos has a new armory with him. He has new powerful magic like Altas Rage, and Typhon bane. He also has new weapons like the Spear of Destiny and the Barbarian Hammer. The boss fights are epic! They range from huge monsters to Greek heroes. The puzzles are also really creative, but sometimes, they can be really frustrating later in the game. Of course, the main theme of fighting in the God of War series are the quick time death scenes where you press a button at a certain point in time to perform super deaths on the enemies.

The graphics are amazing for the Playstation 2. Even though there are some great graphics on some games for the Playstation 2 like Metal gear Solid 3 and Shadow of the Colossus, God of War 2 has to stand somewhere in between these two games. The music is also phenomenal. The music is really on an epic scale as you travel across the land and fight the bosses of the game.

I truly love this game and it is one of the best games on the Playstation 2, though there are some things I don’t like in the game. The first thing I’ll talk about is that if you haven’t upgraded your weapons or attacks, and you’re in a small room filled with enemies, it can get pretty rough and it’s almost brought me to death a couple times. The puzzles are pretty tedious at times, and I have died a couple of times on some puzzles because of how tedious they can be.

All and all, this is just a great game, and I can’t say enough about how much I like it. I would highly recommend buying it if you’re old enough, since it’s an M-rated game. Still, the only game that will be even more epic is its sequel coming out next year in March.

This game gets a 9 out of 10.