Super Mario Galaxy Review for the Wii

Nintendo knows how to make a pretty dang good Mario game. It’s like they know what the fans like to know how to make a Super Mario game even better then the last. His latest game is no different. Introducing one of my favorite games of all time, Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. Before I start, I want to thank my parents for getting me this game for my birthday in 2007.

The plot of every Mario game is pretty much the same, but this one has a little jazz in it. The lovely Princess Peach has invited Mario to Star Festival, that is happening at the castle. As he gets to the castle Bowser then starts attacking the castle and as usual kidnaps Princess Peach and the castle. Mario tries to save her but to no avail. As the castle is being pulled into the reaches of space, Mario is blasted off the castle, but is then saved by a race of star people called Lumas and their “mother” Rosalina. It is up to Mario now to save Peach who is somewhere in the Galaxy.

I just never get tired of the story in a Mario game. I mean, yes, it’s the same thing every time but it just works. It shows that even though Nintendo doesn’t make the strongest looking games, they just know what to do. I think they go by a saying that goes like this, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. I think that’s why I love Nintendo so much. They keep to what works and what doesn’t.

The game play of this special Mario game is usually the same in every Mario game, an action plat forming game. Let’s just put things into perspective of Mario’s fame before we move on. He has made a living and games out of jumping from place to place. I mean he has been doing this for 20 freaking years! It just amazes me he hasn’t missed a beat with his style of game play in over 20 years. Let’s get back to the game now. The whole theme of the game is outer space. This means that you will be traveling from galaxy to galaxy, going to different planets, completing different tasks like beating a boss or getting from point A to point B and etc. The fun creativeness of the levels makes this game shine bright. You can also use a form of transportation called warp stars, where you spin into one of them and get launched to another part of the galaxy or planet. Just like in any Mario game, you get to have multiple fun power-ups. There are some old ones that come back like the fire flower, but there are also new ones. The first new one is the bee suit where you can hang on honey soaked walls and fly for a certain amount of time. There is a new boo mushroom which can turn Mario into a Boo and can go through walls, There is the ice flower where you can walk on top of water and freeze enemies, and one of my favorites is the red star, which gives you the ability to fly in the hub world and in another level. There are others, but you have to find out for yourself.

The graphics are just awesome. I know the Wii isn’t the strongest console out there, but when you need a really good Mario game, then it just delivers. The music is also very beautiful and fun to listen to. There are even some songs from old Mario games, like the first and third Super Mario Brother’s game. It just shows that Nintendo really cares what their fans want. There are a couple of secrets to keep you entertained like hidden galaxies, green stars, and multiple other things.

Even though this is maybe the best Wii game so far, there are a couple things that are wrong with it. The first is the camera control. It’s not horrible, but it gets awkward from time to time. One of the new power-ups is the Spring Mushroom, which gives Mario the ability to jump super high, and can be a little hard to control. Speaking of control, there are a certain amount of levels in the game where you have to move on top of a giant marble with a star inside. These levels are just so tedious and are really hard to pass. Though these are faults, they are just small gripes that I have with the game. I’m not saying it’s perfect, since I found some things that annoy me with the game.

All and all, this has to be one of the best Mario games ever made! If you have a Wii and you don’t have this game in your collection, go out and freaking buy the game! It’s a freaking Mario game! They are always pretty dang good. And the two new Mario games coming out for the Wii, New Super Mario Brothers Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be the holy triangle of Mario awesomeness of the Wii

This game gets a 9 out of 10