Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess for the Wii

Zelda. A name in the video game world that is world-renowned by everyone who is and is not a Nintendo fan. Nintendo has to be one of the most successful franchises ever! The games are usually better then the last Zelda game released in the last console. The latest Zelda game for the home consoles is Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii. You can also get this for the Gamecube, but I think the Wii version is better, and besides, the only difference between the two is that Link is left-handed in the Gamecube version. So, is this legend a true legend? Or is its spark just not as bright? Let’s find out.

From what I can understand, in the ever-so-confusing timeline of the Zelda series, this game takes place many years after the events of Majora’s Mask. Link is now a young adult and is living in Ordon Village. One day, after talking to one of his close friends, a bunch of goblin-like enemies ambushes them as the friend is kidnapped, leaving Link for dead. Link then realizes, after waking up, that his friend was kidnapped and he must go out to find her, only to realize that there is a different world right next to his called the Twilight Realm. He ventures into it, only to get turned into a wolf and get captured by one of the realm’s monsters. He then gets help from a twilit, called Minda, who wishes to help Link if he can help her. Link must now go across Hyrule and stop whoever is causing all this.

Twilight Princess is in the form of an action-adventure game of epic proportions. In every Zelda game, there are the main quests, but there are also multiple side quests to keep you busy and have extra replay value. Basically, though, Link must go through 8 massive temples and fight the boss in each dungeon, and get whatever they were guarding. Of course, Link can’t do it alone this time around. Link has multiple items that can help you along your quest, like a bow and arrow, a boomerang and the always-helpful Master Sword. This time though, he has new weapons and gear to help him. For armor, he has a new blue zoa suit where he can swim underwater better, and an armor that makes him invincible, depending on how many rupees he has. For weapons, he has a wide selection from the Dominion Rod that can bring certain statues to life, an iron ball-and-chain weapon, good for strong attacks and a good defense, and the always likeable clawshot weapon for getting to higher places, just to name a few. For every Zelda game there is some innovation that makes the game unique. Twilight Princess has the innovation of turning into a wolf to do certain objectives, like learning new sword moves, finding treasure, and killing the twilit monsters.

The graphics are just beautiful. You can always count on a Zelda game to look pretty good or better than a lot of games that are out. The details and lighting effects stand out and make Twilight Princess one of the best-looking games out there. The characters are also likable, ranging from odd to likable, which is odd since most games don’t really care about how secondary characters are built into the story. The music is amazing. Koji Kondo always makes great music for the Nintendo franchises. The difficulty is kind of in the middle. Some parts are easy, but some of the puzzles might be tedious to get through. The Zelda series has always had a charm with its characters and the world they live in. It seems like Nintendo always knows what to do for every Zelda title. The level design is just divine. There is always some mechanic to get through each dungeon, and it is fun to find out what the mechanic in the latest dungeon is all about.

Now, it is time for the bad parts. Well it’s kind of hard to find bad stuff about the Zelda games since they are all amazing. I guess things I find annoying are the wolf levels where you have to find the twilight beetles. They are just repetitious and boring. Another thing I don’t like about the wolf mode is that you can’t do as much with your weapons since you can’t hold them. I thought it would be cool if you can make wolf link into a tank-like monster with all the weapons Link has.

My final conclusion to this game is that it is purely amazing. I would highly recommend buying it the game, for it is one of the better Wii games you can get. Zelda will always be one of the better franchises out in the world, and they will always be a hallmark entry into the Nintendo history.

This game gets a 9 out of 10.