Pikmin 2 for the GameCube

Pikmin was a fun little game for the Gamecube. It was one of the best launch titles I have ever seen alongside Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2. Like I said in my last review though, I found the second game in the series to be more enjoyable. The title of this game is none other then Pikmin 2. So, is this sequel as good as it can be or am I exaggerating?

The story picks up from the first game. After a few days of leaving the planet full of Pikmin, he returns to his home planet. When he comes back though, he finds out his company has gone bankrupt due to a failed shipment by Olimar’s friend. Sadly, Olimar’s ship was sold to the bank. A second later though, they find a bottle cap that Olimar picked up from his adventure and they find out that it has value. It is up to Olimar and his friend to go back to the Pikmin planet and get back the money they owe to the company. It’s an interesting take on a sequel, but I like it.
The game play is more on the same line as the last game, so there isn’t much reason to go deep into the topic. It’s your basic adventure strategy game in a way, since you still control an army of Pikmin as Olimar, but you can also control your friend. I don’t know if it’s a two-player co-op game since I never tried it out. I know there is a multiplayer game, but that’s all I know. This time however, you get two new kinds of Pikmin. The first ones you get are purple Pikmin. They are the strongest and heaviest of the Pikmin, and you get them by throwing the other Pikmin into purple flowers. The other kind of Pikmin you get are white Pikmin, which are poisonous, and enemies will get poisoned if they eat them. You get the white Pikmin by throwing Pikmin into white flowers. So, the total kinds of Pikmin you gain are 5. You still get your red, blue, and yellow Pikmin. The best thing they did was that they took out the whole 30 days of air thing. This means you can take your time with finding stuff to use as currency.

The graphics are a little bit better, basically the same as the last game, but they are still really fun to look at. The music for the game is much better then the last game, but I can’t choose one over the other. They basically made a better game than the first one by making it friendlier than the last game. I mean, yeah, some areas are going to stump you, and you won’t know how to beat one kind of enemy, but it’s a more beatable game on the Gamecube unlike the brutally hard Ikaruga. This game has loads of charm from its complex style of game play, simple character designs, amazing music, and it is just a wonderful game to play.

Let’s pluck out the bad parts of the game. Let’s hope we can find some. There isn’t much to say except some areas are tedious and annoying. I guess one gripe I have is that not all Pikmin can still go in the water. I mean it’s funny back then, but like I said in the Pikmin review, it gets old really fast.

All and all, I just adore this game. I am actually thinking about picking up a copy for keeps and such. I would highly recommend getting this game over the first one since it’s just better in every way. Why can’t all sequels be this good? It’s because Nintendo knows how to make a great series. I think the Sonic Team could learn a thing or two from Nintendo on how to make a good sequel.

This game gets a 9 out of 10