De Blob for the Wii

Good or decently good third-party games are fairly scarce amongst the Wii’s game library. It’s not the Wii’s fault. It’s the people who think that the Wii needs more broken controlled mini-game-filled discs. We don’t want that, people! We want good games for the Wii. However, I think we finally got one. It’s called De Blob for the Wii. Is this bright and colorful game good enough to be on par with Metroid and Zack and Wiki? Or are its colors not bright enough?

The whole plot of the game starts in the colorful Chroma City, where the colorful civilians are taken, under force, by the evil INKT army. Out of the sad and depressed black-inked colored city comes a hero that is somewhat odd. His name is De Blob. It is up to him to take command, along with the revolutionary group, and take back the colorful streets of Chroma City.

The game play has taken a more colorful form of a plat-forming puzzle game, where you go across different parts of the city to recolor and destroy INKT soldiers along the way. You basically absorb color, and roll and jump around on buildings. You take on missions where you need to be a specific color and paint certain areas of the town that color. You do have the extra challenge of watching out to not touch the black ink, or else it drains you of your life energy and only washes off in water. The main enemies are the INKT soldiers who will stop at nothing to ink you dry. There isn’t much to talk about the game play since it’s very simple, and it’s basically the same thing in every level, though they do mix it up from time to time with jumping and plat-forming sections in games like Super Mario Galaxy or something like that.

The graphics are just beautiful. I love the whole pop culture look. They went with bright and simple colors like red, blue, and yellow, and other colors when you combine them all together. It’s really fun just to sit down and roll around your newly colored city. Another great high point of the game is the pop and hip-hop music tracks that play during the game. It fits the game about 100%. The cut scenes and humor in the game are just fun to watch, and they will make you laugh. If you liked the humor in Raving Rabbids, then I think you will like the humor in this game a lot more.

Now, it is time to talk about the bad parts of the game. The game play itself is fun, but repetitive. It kind of gets boring, and it isn’t meant to be played in one sitting unless you want to get it done in one day. As for the replay value, there isn’t much. There’s stuff to unlock, like music and art galleries and such, but nothing to really keep you playing twice in a row, though that isn’t a bad thing. I think people would get annoyed after playing through the same thing twice. I would.
All and all, this is definitely one of the better Wii games. It’s fun, creative, and a blast to play. I would highly recommend buying this game or renting it if you want a fun game to play. Hopefully, we can see more of this blob, since his future looks promising.

This game gets an 8 out of 10