Retro Saga part 5: Midway Arcade Treasures

Here is yet another compilation of old arcade games, but this time from Midway. Now, I have played only my favorites, and some I have been recommended to play. To my disapointment, some of my favorites became not my favorites very quickly, because of a reason coming from the controller, but I’s too early to talk about that. Now then, let’s get to my favorites from this list.

Smash TV!: this is probally one of the more reconizable arcade games from this collection since a lot of people love this game. You’re basically a contendor in a game of survival, since everything you see is trying to knock you down and beat you silly. Don’t worry. You do get power ups that can make wiping out the goons a lot easier. The only problem I had was with the controls. It was VERY akward to use when you press a different button to shoot in a different direction. The other problem is it’s a VERY hard game. I wouldn’t recommend letting your kids who are short-tempered play this game. Expect to die a lot in this game.

Spy Hunter: this is a total classic because everyone knows about this game. You drive on the highway, taking out police cars and many others, using upgrades that come with your spy car. This is a very simple and fun game. I would recommend playing this first before moving onto the harder ones.

Road Blasters: this is another more reconizable game from this collection, since a lot people also know this game. You drive around shooting other cars and stuff that’s in your way. You do get multiple weapon upgrades but you don’t get to keep them for long, so use them when you can. The only problem I have with this game is that you lose fuel too quickly. Yes, you can pick up fuel orbs to refill your fuel gauge, but it is still very hard to get through the first level without losing fuel at least once.

Rampage: an instant classic, why? Just because it is. You get to pick between three different mutated monsters, and your job is to destory all the buildings on the screen. Now, there will be challenges in this game. Military people will be using any means necessary to kick you off their building. It gets rather annoying when they keep hitting you and you don’t get any defensive moves to block or dodge the stuff they throw at you. Another problem with this game is that you move rather slowly, slower than the sequels on the Nintendo 64 and Wii.

There are many more, but those are my favorites on the disc. The real problem comes from the controls. It’s very difficult to get used to the game’s controls, using either a PS2 or GameCube controller. Whichever one you use, it’s going to be hard to play the games. Basically, it’s a ‘rent first before buying’ to see if you like it.

This whole disc gets a 6 out of 10
Rated E for everyone