Little Big Planet for the PS3

It has finally happened! I cracked under pressure at the arrival of GOOD Playstation 3 games, and decided to get a Playstation 3 for my birthday. I was so happy to get one for my birthday, but I was also excited about a little-known title called Little Big Planet coming out for the system. Ironically, I got this game along with my Playstation 3. Is this game the flagship title for the Playstation 3? Or is it just another minor game?

There is very little plot to the game. The only real story is that someone is ruining the world of Little Big Planet, and as Sackboy, you need to stop whatever is happening and save this little world.

The game play is of a classic 2-D side-scrolling plat-former where you go across creative worlds and levels collecting bubbles and items like outfits and stickers to customize your character. The worlds and levels are huge, and filled with challenges, so you have got to be on your toes or else your latest jump could be your last. You can also use stickers to activate little mechanical things to help you through the levels, or give you more unlockable stuff. You can also ride on top of vehicles, like horses and rocket cars. There are certain areas in the game that requires more then one Sackboy or, umm, Sackgirl and this is one of the best parts of the game, co-op play. The biggest I’ve seen is 4 required to solve a puzzle. It’s one of the best things about co-op, since I have spent a good 10 minutes one time to solve one single puzzle. I think it’s also good that they brought that into the game play. The plat-forming is based on momentum It’s kind of like the old Super Mario Brother games where you can hold down the jump button to jump higher or run faster and etc. A big theme in Little Big Planet is creativity, and with good reason. There is a whole section of the game where you can create your own levels with stuff you obtain while playing the story mode.

Graphically, it’s one of the best-looking games for the Playstation 3. I say it’s one of the most graphically impressive games next to Resistance, Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank Future, and the upcoming God of War 3. The music is also very well done and fits in with the themes of the levels and the action in the game. One of my favorite songs has to be from the Go Team! that is played during one of the early levels.

Now it’s time to grab a doll and find the bad parts of the game, though there is very little to say that is bad about the game. One of the things I have a love/hate thing with is the physics in the game. I mean, I like how I can jump higher, but sometimes jumping too high is a bad thing, and has gotten me killed a couple times in the game. In my opinion, the old-fashioned way of momentum hasn’t aged that well. To understand what I mean, just play some old Super Mario games and then play Little Big Planet and then finish up with Super Mario Galaxy and you will understand. It’s cool, but it’s so massive, and since things rely on the actual physics, in reality, it makes it really hard to know what will fall and what won’t, and it kind of keeps me from doing some really interesting and creative levels. However, these are just small gripes, and are kind of a stupid thing to gripe about…wait.

All and all, this is definitely one of the killer raps of the Playstation 3, and is a must buy. You can either get the normal version or game of the year version that has 20 dollars worth of DLC. I know they aren’t thinking of making a sequel over at Media Molecule, but think of how much more they could dish out with the laws of physics not in play…

This game gets a 9 out of 10.