Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo

The Super Nintendo was the first game console I ever learned about, since my cousins had one, and they still do. It amazed me at the time at how cool the console was, and how awesome the games were. I remember the very first video game I ever played was not Mario Kart 64 for my Nintendo 64, but Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. I am going to be pretty nostalgic about this one, since it was my very first game to play, ever!

The whole plot of the game is that Bowser has kidnapped Yoshi’s eggs, and has hidden them over a huge world, and in the process of it all, he has kidnapped Princess Peach. It is up to Mario to stop Bowser from his evil schemes, and get back all the Yoshi eggs and save the Princess. I know a lot of new gamers out there like a game with a great story. If you are a gamer who likes stories and such, then why are you playing a Mario game in the first place? Yeah, the story is a little cheesy, and it’s been done before, but you don’t play a Mario game because of the story. If you do, though, then you need to go see a therapist.

The game play is classic side-scrolling plat-forming, where you go from point A to point B by jumping from platform to platform. In classic Mario-style, power-ups also make a return, but there aren’t as many of them as in Super Mario Brothers 3, which had multiple ones. The only power-ups that return are the mushroom, fire flower, and the invincibility star. A lone new power-up is a feather that gave Mario the power to fly, with a cape, kind of like the red star from Super Mario Galaxy, or the leaf from Super Mario Brothers 3. You also get to ride on Yoshi, and he can swallow enemies, and in some instances, can shoot fireballs if you eat the right thing.
Now, since the Super Nintendo was late in the 16-bit war, the graphics weren’t as good as the games that Sega was pushing out, though I think the graphics on Super Mario World are pretty nice. They look better since they were re-released in a game called Super Mario Allstars, which included this game with the four 16-bit Mario games for the NES. The music is also another high point of the game. It’s fun to listen to and it’s one of those soundtracks that will get stuck in your head after playing the game. This is, by far, one of the best games of all time, which not a lot of people can deny. Well, maybe the Sonic fans that are in denial won’t think that it’s good.

Now, it is time for me to talk about the bad parts of the game, though I don’t think there are a lot. I am not saying this game is perfect, but Nintendo did a good job making sure nothing screwed up inside the game. I think one of the gripes that I have is that it’s annoying that some enemies take two hits. I think, if Mario stomps on them once, then they should be dead, since I have died a lot when I was young because of those enemies.

All and all, I think this has to be one of the best games of all time. It is what all games should be based on, simple game play, great controls, and just be a blast to play. I would highly recommend getting this for your Super Nintendo or off the Wii’s virtual console. You can also get this in a special cartridge of Super Mario All Stars.

This game gets a 9 out of 10