Retro Saga Part 18: Mega Twins

Capcom has made a LOT of beat ‘em ups, Final Fight, Knights of the Round, King of Dragons, and you get the idea. Capcom is a really amazing company and I’m really happy to play a lot of their games. I mean I’m not a fan of Ghost and Goblins or Megaman, but I like and respect the popularity those two series have. I have mentioned in the past that I would have liked to see some of their old series brought back. We all know about the whole “they might bring back Power Stone, Rival Schools, and Dark Stalkers” thing, and while that’s fine, I kind of wish they would bring back some of their beat ‘em up franchises like Knights of the Round or King of Dragons. There is one game though I’m surprised didn’t get as much as a sequel. This game is called Mega Twins, or Chiki Chiki Boys in Japan and Europe.

The story of Mega Twins is basically summed up like this. An evil monster has attacked a magical land called Alurea. The people there fall victim to the attack, due to the people not knowing how to fight or defend themselves. There were only two survivors left. The two survivors were both kids who were the son of the king. They must now go out on an epic adventure to save their land and restore it back to normal. Yeah, the story’s nothing special, but it’s just there to push you from A to B.

The game play featured in Mega Twins is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up where you control one of the two twins equipped with a sword and a shield. Your main form of attack is you slashing your sword. It’s your only attack besides using a bomb as a sub weapon. It’s kind of odd to see this, due to the fact that most of the arcade beat ‘em ups that Capcom made gave you more than one attack. They would usually throw in a couple of super moves in their arcade games, but oh well, I guess you can call this the easy man’s beat ‘em up. You can also jump pretty high, which is a new thing for me since everyone in the other arcade games I reviewed has had low jumps. You can also climb and hang from walls, which is even newer to me since, in my opinion, not a lot of arcade games did that. The only other arcade games I have seen where you can climb and hang from the walls are Black Tiger, Magician Lord, and Ghost and Goblins.

The graphics in the game are very cutesy and child-like. The designs for everything remind me of something from the Dragon Quest or Blue Dragon games, and even the Wonder Boy series on the Sega Master System. It’s not as hard-core as Black Tiger was, but I guess they were trying to aim at kids with this game, but I don’t entirely know. They might have just liked the cute Japanese-esque look of the game. I also like the music for the game. It’s very Capcom-like, and that’s a good thing, since they usually have their own unique sound to their games. I also like how you can choose from the first three levels. It kind of reminds me of Megaman or Lords of Thunder. Since in those games you can choose what level you want to go to first, which is always a plus if you want to get through the harder stages first, then move onto the easier stages.

However, this game isn’t without its flaws, and there are reason why this game is a “poor man’s” beat ‘em up. For one, there are only 5 levels. This makes the game pretty short, and a game you could easily beat in about 30 minutes or so, but his could also prevent you from beating it so early if you could avoid getting hit and losing so much energy so easily. You basically have three hits, and then you’re dead, though I think it depends on the attack. I also wish there were more attacks or power-ups.

Overall though, it’s a solid game, but I can see why there wasn’t a sequel made for it. I do think it’s one of the best arcade games I have ever played, and I would find a copy of this game and get it. You can get this for the Genesis, but I bet you will have to drop some coin for a copy. You can go cheap and pick it up on one of the Capcom arcade collections. I’m sorry I keep bringing that up, but there are about three other games, so get ready to hear that statement again.

This game gets a 7 out of 10