Cubivore for the Game Cube Review

Now this is maybe the oddest game ever! Cubivore for the GameCube is the story about a very colorful, and very umm-cubic world where a group of evil beast called the no color beast have taken over and devoured the other animals and it is your job to grow and eat the other no color beast and become the ultimate cubivore.

The game play is of an action adventure game with a tiny mix of role-playing as you venture around the land as you devour other cubivores to grow stronger and mutate into different forms to fight other stronger cubivores and no color beast. You gain different abilities, as you grow stronger. An example of this is when you fight a no color beast with “raw meat” on him, you have to beat and eat him to gain that ability. You can also gain fangs and horns through training and evolving. An interesting way to recover your health is to eat herbivores (green cubivores) to gain back health. A funny but serious part of Cubivore is that you eat heart shaped tiles and bugs to gain hearts to mate with multiple cubivore females at once (its not as gross or adult rated as you would think). Each time you mate with a certain amount of females which depends on how many hearts you have, the females will give birth to multiple different limbed forms of yourself and you can choose any of the forms that survive and become another cubivore, but with an extra limb.

The graphics are rather odd since it looks like they should be on a Nintendo 64 since the graphics are just cubes and square tiles. The music is rather soft and soothing since it feels like you’re listening to some rainforest cds or what ever. The game itself is rather cute in its own way and is maybe one of the cutest games ever. The way you kill your enemies is that you lock onto them and fight and charge at them to damage them. Like a way its like you’re an actual animal.

Now there are some issues I have with this game. The first thing I’ll note is that the camera is awkward to use and isn’t like the one in Super Mario Galaxy which is far superior. Another thing is that the tougher enemies can escape easier out of your bite, but its harder for you to get out when they have you in their mouth. The first time I played this game I didn’t know it had multiple endings and I was shocked and confused when I found out. It would have been nice if I had a heads up or something.The last issue I have with this game is that when you don’t feel like fighting, the other cubivores and no colored beast attack you anyways.

All in all it’s a pretty fun game. I would recommend finding this one to give it a try. I would put this as one of the better Gamecube games, but not the best. All I’m saying is give this game a try if you see it. It’s fun, cute, and it’s one of the oddest games out there.

This game gets a 7.5 out of 10.