Gungrave for the Playstation 2 Review

The Playstation 2. You have to give it some respect since it’s still kicking out games further then any other last gen console. There have also been a lot of overlooked games and this is one of them. The story is of an awesome character known as Gungrave who is tracking down a crime boss to get his long-overdue revenge with and save the world.

Now, let’s start out with the character himself, Gungrave. He’s a walking corpse filled with enraged blood, and a helpful, but limited arsenal to take down a whole crime organization. He carries with him two pistols and a huge coffin-like weapon that turns out to be a rocket launcher that takes out everything on the entire screen which is pretty strong. After shooting at everything for a while, Gungrave will go off and move like he was dancing, while shooting his guns and rockets at the enemy in an anime-esque style. Also, the whole game was designed by the guy who made the famous anime, Trigun, which is pretty awesome in itself.

The game play is in the style of a 3D third person shoot ‘em up, where you control the hulking Gungrave across multiple long levels, taking out goons and anyone who is in your way. The giant coffin on your back can also be a weapon you can hurl around you when you run out of ammo. You don’t have to worry about finding ammo or anything, since the handguns have unlimited ammo! You also don’t have to worry about lives since the red life bar on the top right represents the life remaining inside you and a blue shield bar under the life also protects you.
The music in the game sounds like something you would hear in Cowboy BeBop or Trigun, which gives it a jazzy cool mood. The boss fights are huge and are pretty hard if you aren’t careful. Yeah, this game can be pretty tough so you don’t want to be a coward if you want to play this game.

Now, it’s time to take out our long-barreled revolvers and shoot down the bad parts of the game. First, let’s start with the length. It’s too short! Seriously, I beat this game in 5 hours or less, I can’t remember. What I am trying to say is that it needs to be longer. The difficulty levels don’t really make a difference. I mean, I beat them all in about a couple of hours, and the only difference I noticed is that the enemies can take more damage, and hurt you only a little more then the last time. As Gungrave, you move pretty slow and you can run by pressing the circle button, but it doesn’t make a difference

Overall, this game deserves more credit then it got. I love this game, but I would recommend renting it before buying, to see what you think about it. All in all, this game deserves a big cult following. I mean, not as big as Mario and Zelda, but still a good one.

This game gets a 7.8 out of 10
Rated M for Mature.