Rampage World Tour for the Nintendo 64 Review

Now, this is a fun and simple classic on the Nintendo 64. Rampage was the definition of mindless stupid fun. Basically, the plot is that three people have been turned into three monsters, and the monsters’ plans are to destroy every factory owned by the company who turned you into monsters.

This is an odd game since it’s a mix between a beat em’ up and an arcade game, where you choose to play as either three of the monsters as you go around and destroy buildings and eat people as healthy snacks. This time, each of the three monsters have a special food that will almost heal your character. There are also special moves like fire spits and monster screams where you can destroy whole buildings with one press of the button. You can also climb on top of the buildings to destroy them. Now, we can talk about the enemy selection. Basically, it’s the military who is trying to stop you from destroying the whole world, and they will send everything from soldiers to giant robots to stop you in your path.

The graphics are pretty interesting since they fit in with games like Goemon’s Great Adventure and Yoshi’s Story to where its 2.5D and not fully 3D like the games today. The music is very epic from level to level, making it feel like a real monster mash. Sorry, I just had to put that down.

There are a couple problems with this game that I must list out. One thing is that you have no defensive move besides eating or beating your opponent down, which can get annoying as hell if you’re getting attacked all around. The music is nice for the game, but sadly, there are only a few tracks and it gets boring after awhile. During the game, the only way you can get across the world is to either hit a flag or a world tour sign, and you will be going off to the next continent to beat down on more military soldiers and to eat more delicious humans.

All and all, it’s a pretty good game. It’s mindless and simple fun. You can play along with two other people and you could play for hours. If you can find it somewhere, I would recommend getting it.

This game gets an 8 out of 10.