Hellboy: The Science of Evil for the PS3 Review

Hellboy is maybe one of my most favorite comic book heroes next to the Question and Batman. I was always worried that when the Hellboy movies came out that they would make a horrible adaptation of the film into a game. Luckily Konami came in and decided to make a totally original Hellboy game called Hellboy: The Science of Evil. The plot isn’t that straight forward. It is more in order of the comic book style like The Chained Coffin and others or The Troll Witch and others where it’s split up into a couple different stories. Though, to sum it up, Hellboy has to save the world and stop Herman Von Klempt.

The game play style goes by a third person action adventure game where you travel across Romania, Japan, a dessert, and Eastern Europe. You get to play as Hellboy of course, but in multiplayer mode, you can play as Abe and Liz. You also get to use Hellboy’s gun, and use multiple different ammunition. My favorite ammo is the crystal bullet where one shot kills zombie Nazis. There is minimal puzzle solving but nothing different than you would see in games like God of War or Devil May Cry. There are also times where you can pull off special deaths “Hellboy-style”.

The best part of the game is that Ron Perlman is the voice actor for Hellboy, and the humor is intact within the whole game, which makes it more enjoyable. It also stays with the weird world of Mike Mingola, where parts of his stories are based on real folklore. The graphics are a mix between last and next gen graphics, meaning I don’t have an opinion on the graphics. This game also gets credit for it actually not being a movie-related game. The story is original and fun to watch. I just can’t stress enough how I love Hellboy. It is just such an original series, and no one can copy it even if they tried. The game itself plays out like a movie or as a comic book, which gives it a calm, non-tense feeling.

Sadly even though I love this game and the series it is based on, there are a couple of complaints that I must point out. The first thing I’ll start off with is that the game is too short. If you sat down for a day or so, you could beat it in that amount of time or in at least two days. There isn’t enough variety in enemies and it gets boring after a while. Some enemies are a little guard-happy, and it makes it hard to beat them faster, especially if you’re fighting the silverback gorilla enemies. Finding ammo is really tough since specific ammo can only be found in certain areas, and it’s unusual that enemies don’t go down with one hit since the bullets are like 5 times as big as normal bullets.

All in all, it’s a pretty good game. I would recommend renting it for a weekend or so. There’s no reason to buy it but if you’re a Hellboy fan and like GOOD comic book games I would recommend getting this one.

This game gets a 7.8 out of 10.