Mr. Mosquito for the PS2 Review

One day while I was looking at Game Fly and eating a bowl of cereal, I decided to take a break and look up a cool top 10 video list, and I watched one video called Top 10 Gluttonous Characters and saw a very unusual game called Mister Mosquito. So, I decided to put it on my list, and I got it a couple days later.

The story and the plot of the game is that you play as a very cool and robotic- looking character called Mister Mosquito. Your job through the game is to suck the blood of the Yamada family household to store for the winter. So basically, you’re a small flying bear that eats blood to store for the long winter days. Just in case no one understood that sentence, I was being sarcastic. The role of each level is to both hit one or two points on the victim’s body and suck their blood without getting hit.

There are multiple ways to reveal where you are supposed to stick your needle in and consume the blood. One example is turning on the radio or turning off the light. One successful way to get the daughter for the first time is to make her phone ring so when she picks it up, you can hit the target on her other hand. For every good offensive move, there is always a challenging defensive move the family has against you. First of all, you do not want to get spotted, or else you will have to fight certain family members. They will also have multiple repellents, and stuff to keep you at bay, and poison. The family itself is rather odd, but it is fun to watch what they do.

So now, it’s time to fly in and suck out the bad parts of the game. The controls can be a little tough to get used to since they aren’t like Super Mario or God of War simple controls. I mean they are simple since you don’t need to pull off crazy combos like in Virtua Fighter and such, but the controls are scattered across the controller. The poisons that are around some characters in the later levels can get very tedious and annoying since they can take away your health very quickly if you don’t move fast enough. The voice acting could be a lot better, since it sounds like they are being a little on the racist side, no offense.

All and all, it’s a pretty unusual game like Decap Attack and Wario Land. I would recommend renting this game to see what you think of it. Currently, I’m in the making of a Top 10 Unusual Game list and this is one of them, so expect to see this one on the list. Remember, eat right and stay healthy. Just don’t eat or suck blood….

This game gets a 7.5 out of 10.