Deadly Creatures for the Wii Review

Ah yes, Deadly Creatures was a game I just couldn’t wait to play. I was waiting for another good Wii game since well besides some third party games and main Nintendo made games the roster is kind of short. Now that I got to play it and beat it the question now is, is it worth playing or just letting it stay on the shelves of your local Best Buy or video game store? Well let’s find out.

The whole game revolves around two men who are walking around the entire desert I think in Arizona or somewhere in the U.S who are trying to find a lost treasure which is buried somewhere in the desert. Now the most interesting is the story is shown between two unusual heroes, the scorpion and the tarantula. The whole story is shown through the vast and large adventure of the two creatures as you see twist and turns through the whole story as it ends with a very unusual and kind of well… spiritual ending. I can’t tell you guys the ending so go out and try it out yourselves.

Now the game play is in the style of an action adventure game where you switch off level after level as the two bugs. Now both bugs have unique and different techniques, which makes the game enjoyable. The scorpion is more of a tank like insect that uses heavy attacks and special death moves like you would see in God of War. The tarantula is more of a speedy ninja like character since it can jump and can pounce on the enemies without them knowing. You can also use web to blind opponents and to use it as a grappling hook like weapon to get to place to place. Now the enemy roster is unique in its own way. You got beetles, wolf spiders, praying mantis, tarantula wasp, rats, one of the humans, and even enemy tarantulas and scorpions. The cool thing about the beetles is that some are bombardier beetles that can shoot a rocket fuel like substance at you like a projectile meaning they are long-range enemies. A cool thing about wolf spiders is they are like well wolves they hunt in packs.

Now the graphics are pretty good for wii standards I mean they aren’t like Super Mario Galaxy or Twilight Princess, but they are good over all. There isn’t much music, which gives the game an ominous feel to it, which fits since I just am scared like the dickens about spiders. There are some points in the game where you might laugh but it’s only the final boss. You can also climb up walls and onto the ceiling which gives you a lot more freedom.

Now this game is fun I mean its unique amongst the wii games and I put it amongst games like No More Heroes and Zack and Wiki which stand amongst some of the east third party wii games. The story has interesting twist and turns through the whole game, which puts you on your feet to make you finish the story. Another interesting fact is that the two voice actors for the humans are Billy Bob Thorton and Denis Hopper. Pretty big names for such an unusual game like Deadly Creatures.

Sadly now is time to talk about the parts that this game well falls through the holes with. First off the camera is a little awkward since its stuck in one place and can freak out at certain times in the game when you’re climbing upside down and such. There are a couple glitches which can be annoying since its like they didn’t completely finish the game one example is when your fighting the final boss, as a scorpion you need to sting the human in a well very uncomfortable spot, but the two other times I need to sting him something goes screwy and I cant fully complete the task and forces me to use life.

All and all this is a really fun game. Its fun trying to find all the grubs so you can get all the art gallery and videos of the game. I would really recommend buying this game if you are looking for a fun good wii game

This game gets an 8 out of 10.