Gungrave Overdose for the Playstation 2 Review

Gungrave was a totally underrated game on the Playstation 2. I recently found out that there was a sequel to the game called Gungrave Overdose and I got really excited to play a sequel to a great game. I put it on my game Q and after two days I got the game. So is this sequel better or just as good as the last game? Lets find out!

The plot of this game takes place 3 years after the events of the first game. The main female character Mika Asagi is now on the search for areas who still produce the deadly drug SEED that has been taking over innocent peoples lives. Of course she can’t do this all by her self. During her journey she meets a mysterious young man named Spike who is a bit of a technical wiz as the two of them go and find and get the aid of the most insane character of the game, the walking corpse Gungrave. This time though they have some lets just call them special friends to help out with the take down of the main Villains. The first person is named Rocketbilly Redcadillac, a orange haired ghost wearing red who wields a electric guitar that can shoot lightning as he plays it. The second hero is Jyuji Kabane a blind dead man who wields a cross between pistols and katanas.

Now then onto the game play. Gungrave Overdose is set up just like the last game, a third person shoot em up where you go around very long levels and blow the tar out of everyone in sight. As you control grave you still have the crazy affective guns and coffin you can use to blow up your enemies and you can use your coffin for now more offensive attacks and can chain combos together with both weapons. The best thing about the game play in this game is that you get to destroy mainly everything in front of you meaning the environment can be destroyed to your liking. The only other game I have seen this style on is Wild Guns for the Super Nintendo. Now a very cool thing about this game is that you get multiple super moves like Gungrave can use his coffin like weapon as a rocket launcher, or he can slow down time and etc. RocketBilly can use his guitar as a sort of rail gun like weapon and can doe a break dancing routine where he electrocutes everything in the room. Jyuji can use the flame that is on his back as a Hadoken like attack and etc.

The music is just as amazing its just like the last games music which gives the surrounding theme of the game a great feeling. The graphics are still in the style of a cel shaded anime look, which I personally like. The graphics kind of remind me of other games like Jet Grind Radio and such. I almost forgot to mention that the character designs are made by the guys who did Trigun, Ah! My goddess, and Your Under Arrest. The story this time is much longer which thankfully makes the game longer

Now that were done talking about that I just want to talk about the characters a little bit. I think Gungrave is one of the best main characters I have ever seen in a game. Seriously you don’t see characters like him in a video game that often. I also consider the two other characters Jyuji and Rocketbilly to be some of the best secondary characters of all time. I just thought I get that out of the way since this game is just so cool.

Now its time to pick up your favorite gun and shoot down the bad things about this game. The camera could use some work since its stuck in one area and its hard to know what’s behind you in the later part of the games without turning your whole character around. There is replay value after you beat the game with Grave you can choose to play, as any of the two other characters, but the story isn’t different. Well that that I could tell. I think they needed to make their story different. They sadly did use English voice acting but its not bad but hey at least it wasn’t 4Kids that did it.

All and all, this was a great game. If you had to choose between the two Gungrave games I would recommend buying the second one and renting the first one. I wish there was another Gungrave game out. I would so play another one. This game is so underrated and I wish more people knew about it

This game gets a well-deserved 8 out of 10.