Mirror's Edge for the Playstation 3 Review

Mirror’s Edge is maybe the most unexpected game I thought I would never play. Well, here I am making a review of it. I know a lot of you people have made your thoughts and opinions known about this game, so I’m just going to throw my two cents into the matter and make a review of it.

Let’s start with the story. The plot takes place in a corrupt city where a totalitarian regime has taken over and is monitoring everyone in the city. You play as Faith, who’s job is to be a Runner and send messages from point A to point B without being caught. During your job, Faith’s sister is framed for the new upcoming candidate for Mayor’s murder. It is up to you to find out what is going on and to stop it.

The game play style is in the form of a first person shooter but the innovative thing about this is that you run and jump from building to building in a first person view. A cool game play mechanic is that you get to cling and climb onto things that are highlighted red and can get to places faster by doing stuff like wall jumping and etc. If anyone who hasn’t played this game is wondering, yes, you can use a gun, but you only get to use it once, and you will be forced to pick up another gun to use by either knocking out or shooting the grunts. Even though you can’t keep re-using a gun, you’re forced to run, rather than point and shoot, which I kind of like. It gives us a fresh look at first person shooters.

The graphics are pretty amazing, and I love how there is a kind of pop culture color look and it’s better than seeing the gritty gray colors you would see in most of the PS3 games. The in-between level cut scenes are also pretty cool and they remind me of more well funded E-surance commercials. There are multiple plot twists and shocking parts of the game, which will keep you on your feet and keep you moving. Seriously though, you have to keep moving in the game or else. Even though I’m not a big first person shooter fan since I’m not good at them, it did help me to get better using guns in games like Resistance Fall of Man.

Now it’s time to run and jump through the bad parts of the game. The game kind of runs on a trial and error style of game where you only get better when you die and then get past that part and die again and etc. That can be pretty annoying when I need to run from soldiers and such. Sometimes, you can’t really tell where you need to go, and sometimes you can end up going the wrong way or dying. Even though you can get a hint of where you need to go, the hints aren’t really that clear, resulting in more people getting lost. The combat is very weak, even though you need to run more than shoot.

Overall, this is a pretty good game. I would recommend renting this game before buying it to see what you think about it. This game will separate people who like different games and FPS games. This game though is another great addition to the PS3 or 360 library.
This game gets a 7.9 out of 10.