Hot Wheels Turbo Racing for the Nintendo 64 review

Well, we all know licensed games usually suck as much as movie games, but with the right company, they can be smash hits. To further prove this example, I’ll list a few licensed games which rock, Duck Tales, Golden Eye, etc. The one I will talk about today is the awesome and extreme Hot Wheels Turbo Racing for the Nintendo 64.
Basically, you can choose from many Hot Wheel cars, and you race across crazy tracks, and well, finish first place every time. There isn’t really a story since this isn’t based off that cruddy 3D mini series, since this game was made in 1999.

The graphics are pretty amazing for Nintendo 64 standards, and I haven’t seen the Playstation version, so I can’t tell you all if it’s better or not, so, sorry. The racetracks are amazing well-made, and are fun to play on. They are stock full of hidden cars, and it’s just crazy. What makes this racing game unique is that you also get to pull off tricks in the air while going over chasms and such. This game is kind of like Mario Kart and Tony Hawk Pro Skater, combined into one, well, without the turtle shells and punk rock soundtracks.

Man, this game rocks. I mean it’s so fun to unlock all the crazy cars and tracks you win each time you race. My favorite car is the Twin Mill 1, which is the fastest car in the game! This is definitely a must-get for the Nintendo 64 or Playstation.

Even though this is a fun game, there is one little thing I have an issue with. When you’re racing, the camera can kind of spaz out when you are either falling down a hoop part of the track, or when you’re falling or going backwards. In the Nintendo 64 version, the music is limited and there aren’t any lyrics, which can be pretty annoying listening to the same thing every 2 minutes.

All and all, this is a pretty amazing game, and is definitely one of the better-licensed games out there. Like I said, this is a good example where a good game can be made from a licensed franchised. This is a must buy game if you’re into fun multi-player racing games like Hydro Thunder and such.

This game gets an 7 out of 10.