Power Rangers Super Legend for the Playstation 2 review

To my surprise, I can’t believe that Power Rangers have been around for a little over 15 years here in America. I used to watch this show, and used to love it. Then the company who owned the rights to the show got bought out by Disney, and well, it started to drop from there. Even if Power Rangers is not what is used to be, I will still have a place in my heart for the very first Power Ranger series. The other day I was watching a lot of videos of people who like the very first Power Rangers game for the Super Nintendo. I then decided to look on Gamefly, and I found a Power Rangers game that caught my interest, Power Rangers Super Legends. This game was to celebrate the 15 years that Power Rangers was on, so I decided to put it in my list and a day later I got it.

The plot of the game is that Lord Zedd has discovered time crystals and plans to use them to destroy the different Power Ranger Dimensions and become ruler of the universe. Thankfully, a future Ranger known as the Omega Ranger has tried to thwart Zedd’s plans, but has only slowed him down. Knowing what Zedd’s plans are, the Omega Ranger must go through the other dimensions and get a team of Power Rangers and stop Zedd’s evil plan.

The game play style is of a plat forming beat ‘em up. You go across huge levels, and beat down on the main bad guy’s grunts, that are in your way. Now, you get to play as two rangers; one will usually be a red ranger and the other will be a different colored ranger. This is a two-player game, which is pretty good since it’s more fun to play beat ‘em ups with a friend. The ranger you use also has a super attack, which depending on how full your power meter is, can kill everything on the screen.

The graphics are okay. I mean, they’re not that good, but they aren’t horrible. There isn’t a lot of music either, which kind of sucks, since it’s mostly quiet in the background until you’re in a boss fight or in a Megazord fight. After two levels or so, you get to fight the main villain of that dimension and fight in a contact sensitive battle. It’s not as amazing as God of War or Conker’s Bad Fur Day contact sensitive controls, but it’s more like Dance Dance Revolution style of fighting.
The only cool thing about this game is how it’s two-player, like I said above, which makes the game more enjoyable. It is cool to see your favorite Power Ranger series during the game and see old villains.

Now, it is time to strap on your latex suit and fight the bad parts of the game. The game play, even though fun, is very repetitious and can get quickly boring after a couple levels. The same goes with the Megazord battles, which are also boring and not that fun. The Power Rangers aren’t that different either, since they all use the same moves and guns. The only difference is the battle stance they use in the super moves. Since we’re talking about the super moves, there is no Zord summoning or anything. It’s just the ranger posing sending out a shockwave. For a game that is celebrating 15 years of Rangers, you can’t play as every single team of rangers, which is odd, since I thought it would be fun to play as the Power Rangers from all 15 series. The voice acting is horrible I mean, they could at least have gotten the same people who played the rangers to do the voice acting. My friend and I were playing this game, and we laughed our butts off, because the acting and the script were so cheesy and stupid. Then again, what can you expect of a game made by Disney Interactive Studios? Well, not much. The animated sequences between the levels don’t exist either. I think they could have taken more time with this game and made it 100%. It feels like it’s only 25% finished, since you can’t play with every Power Ranger team.

Over all, it’s an average to bad game. I only rented it because I was curious, and I wanted to play as the very first red ranger. I would really just rent it to see what you think about it. Other than that, I wouldn’t buy it for your kids or for yourself. If you want to play a good Power Ranger’s game, go get a Super Nintendo and get the cartridge for it.

This game gets a 5.3 out of 10