Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo 64

Pokemon. What an unexpecting franchise. It’s been around for a little over 10 years and it’s still pumping out games, which makes this one of the most committed franchises ever! They have made so many handheld games, so many console games, and so many spin-offs that it’s hard to count how many there are. This time though, I will be talking about one of the better spin-offs. Introducing the first Pokemon game review from Camseyeview, Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo 64.

Now, before I talk about the story, let me say that I am not the biggest Pokemon fan, but I will be talking and reviewing this game as a fan of Pokemon when I was young. The plot of the game goes like this. Professor Oak invites Todd Snap an early character from the Pokemon anime series to a mysterious island. Oak needs Todd to take photos of the Pokemon on the island to back up his research. It is up to Todd to take some of the best pictures of all the inhabitants of the island and make Oak proud.

The game play style is kind of unique since it is a first person rail shooter kind of game, but since you’re not a hunter shooting the cute Pokemon, you have to take pictures and find ways to get to different parts of the island. You basically move on a rail system in a multi-transforming buggy kind of cart as you take pictures of Pokemon. There are multiple ways to get good photos. The first way is just to take a picture of them, though to get higher scores, you will have to be a little more creative. The first way is to use a pester ball to stun them or make them upset. They usually do different things depending on how you use it. The second way is to use apples to feed or lure Pokemon together so they can eat. The final way is to use the pokemon flute. This means this item in the Pokemon universe is useful in more ways then one. It usually causes the Pokemon to either dance or something else. It’s very enjoyable to see all the effects of the items you use, and it’s just fun to see all the Pokemon without having to fight and capture them.

The music is quite enjoyable to listen to, and it’s fun to see all the Pokemon just running around at peace. The music is soothing, and it is maybe one of the more peaceful soundtracks to a game. I have to say, it is as peaceful or even more so than Pikmin. The charm of the game comes from the challenge to see how many great pictures you can take, and how many points they get. There is also a secret level, which is just purely amazing looking, which you will have to see for yourself. Since we’re talking about amazing looking things, let’s talk about the graphics. The graphics of the game look incredible. I mean, they have maybe some of the best looking graphics that I have ever seen on the Nintendo 64.

It’s time to pick up your camera and take pictures of the bad parts. First off, the first issue is the number of Pokemon in the game. There are only 63 Pokemon in the game out of the original 151. I know there are limitations to the Nintendo 64, but I think they could put in more then 63 Pokemon! The game itself is well, stupid easy. It might take some time to get some pictures, but it’s mainly for little kids. The game itself is, well, really REALLY short! You can get through this game in about 30 minutes or less.

My final conclusion is that it’s a pretty good game. Even if it has its flaws, the game is really enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Pokemon or has a Nintendo 64.

This game gets an 8 out of 10.