Star Wars Rogue Squadron for the Nintendo 64

Star Wars, what an amazing franchise. It has one of the biggest cult followings of all time. They also have a good amount of games under their belt, and this is one of them, Star Wars Rogue Squadron for the Nintendo 64. So is this game based on a movie franchise as great as the force, or does it fail like Star Wars Episode 3? Let’s find out!

The whole plot of the game takes place between the original trilogies, as a small group of soldiers known as Rogue Squadron are sent on multiple missions to take down the empire. The whole story isn’t really that important, but if you care about the plot, then you might like it. I kind of like it and Star Wars fans like it to.

The game play was in the form of a strategy fighting game kind of like Battalion Wars for the Gamecube and Wii. You take control of whatever ships are available, and you go through levels, completing certain tasks. Most of them are basically like destroying bases on different planets and taking out hordes of enemy tie fighters. Still, a lot of the missions range from easy to hard from time to time, meaning the difficulty is maybe right in the middle. You get a whole list of fighters from the X-Wing, the A-Wing, the V-Wing and etc. You can also unlock special ships like the Millennium Falcon, the Tie Advance, the Naboo Starfigher, and one of my favorites and a lot of fan’s favorites, the Buick. You can also type in codes for stuff like infinite lives and three levels, of which two are from the original Star War’s movies.

The graphics are just fan freakin’ tastic! Lucas Arts and Factor 5 touched every little bit of processing power the Nintendo 64 could push, and they did it just right. Even better was if you had an expansion pack, the quality of the graphics would increase and look even more amazing. The sound is awesome, the music is amazing, and the voices are clear as crystal. I just can’t believe a lot of companies didn’t touch the full processing power of the Nintendo 64. The only other company I know that pushes the limit of the console is Rare.

It is time to get into your fighter and shoot down the bad parts of this game. First off, why isn’t there a movie based off this game? Why not a television series? I think it would do nicely! Second of all, the game can be pretty difficult, since it seems like later in the levels they won’t let you go. Then again, if I was getting attacked, I would fight back.

Over all, there aren’t a lot of things that are bad about this game. It’s amazing! It’s one of the best Nintendo 64 games of all time. I would recommend getting it for your collection. Even if you aren’t a gaming fan, you should get this game as a Star War’s fan. Now, if we can only convince George Lucas to make a series out of this game. No more Anakin Skywalker.

This game gets a 9 out of 10.