Retro Saga part 28: Data East Arcade Classics for the Wii

I have been recently trying out different compilation discs for different arcade games. I still think two of the best are the Capcom games and the SNK compilation. I do have multiple others to try out, like the Taito Legends 1 and 2, and the Activision Anthology. However, there are some terrible ones like Atari Anthology and Intellivision Live. I recently got a new one through called Data East Arcade Classics. Now, just like the Intellivision and Midway reviews, I am going to talk about a few games, and then end it with the bad parts of the whole compilation. Just a heads up, I have played the games I listed below with both the Wii and GC controller. I prefer the GC controller.
Heavy Barrel: Heavy Barrel is a top-down-run-and-gun shooter that stars a soldier who is trying to stop a group of terrorists who have taken over a facility and have planned to launch nukes. Like I said above, Heavy Barrel is a top-down shooter where you control your soldier and shoot whoever gets in your way. You also have a 360-control scheme where you can shoot everywhere and not just in front of you, which is interesting since this game does play like the top-down levels of Contra or games like Ikari Warriors. You can also pick up upgrades, like a spread gun or a flamethrower, which is fun since your normal weapon has a limited range and you will want to find an upgrade as soon as you can. I do like this game and I think it’s one of the better games on the disc

· Joe and Mac (A.K.A Caveman Ninja): I know a lot of people like this game and I decided to take a look myself about this unusual game. You play as two cavemen who are on an adventure to save your females that were taken from a different caveman tribe. It’s basically a side-scrolling plat former, like Adventure Island, in a way. You can pick up multiple weapons and can hold down the attack button to make a stronger attack. A unique twist is that your health bar will go down unless you keep eating, just like Adventure Island on the NES and the first Wonder Boy game on the Master System. I find that interesting, since this game has nothing in common with the two games I put above.

· Magical Drop 3: Magical Drop 3 is a puzzle game that is very similar to games like Puyo Pop and Puzzle Bobble, where you shoot orbs at other orbs that link with three or more to make them disappear. You go across the screen and pick up one or more orbs of the same color, and then launch them into the ceiling into other orbs of the same color and make them disappear. Of course, you can make combos and make more disappear until the whole ceiling area disappears and you move onto the next level.

I know there are more games that are memorable, like Burger Time and Bad Dudes, but I just wanted to list 3 that I thought were decent in my opinion. I tried looking for info on Wizard Fire, but I couldn’t, which sucks. Now, I am going to talk about the bad parts of this whole disc. The controls don’t feel polished enough. I kept dying, and it seems like I couldn’t react to attacks fast enough in a majority of the games, and it just became so frustrating since I was excited to play some of these games. There is no way to change the difficulty. I find that even more annoying since I like to play a game on the easy mode, then switch it to harder difficulties if I would want to keep playing it on harder and harder difficulties. The presentation on most of the games is poor at best. They just don’t hold up well, and are just an eyesore to look at. The selection of games is also very poorly done. I don’t even recognize most of the games, and I just chose two of them that I explained by sheer luck.

Overall, this is a horrible collection of games. I would rather look up the cartridge form of some of these games instead of getting this collection. I say, skip it. It isn’t the worst, but it isn’t the best. It is definitely one of the poorest made collections ever. Just go get the Capcom collection games instead. You will thank me when you do.

This game gets a 4 out of 10