Velocibox for the PC, PS4, and Vita Review

It’s amazing what kind of games get popular among the big YouTube video game personalities online. Most of the time, the games they choose are mediocre flash games because they will get the biggest laughs, or indie games that are cynically made to be played by YouTubers. You can say that is rather harsh of me to say such a thing, but when you look at a lot of the “horror” games or YouTube Fodder-style games made for said audience, they usually don’t have a lot of substance to them. Not that I think that these YouTubers should not support these type of developers, even though they shouldn’t, but it would be nice if they would tackle games that had much more effort put into them, and offered multiple experiences more than ones that are plagued with all the cynicism that you find in these type of games. Now, why do I talk about this? Well, today’s review is of a game that was made popular by multiple YouTubers, an endless runner-style game called Velocibox. I was sent a review code by the developer marketing team to check this game out, and while I can see why this game became popular, I think it’s not my cup of tea and not a game that I think will have staying power, no matter who you give it to.

So, what kind of game is Velocibox? It’s an endless runner-type game where the main game is to run, jump, flip, and avoid hitting the obstacles in your way. The only real gimmick of this game, besides being a cube in this honestly nice-looking minimalist world, is that you are on a non-stop path down a rectangular hallway, and can flip or slide onto the other sides of the hallway/tube thing. The main goal in each level is to gather little cube-things, and once you gather enough of them, you move onto the next level. You think you are going to get through this game in two minutes flat? Yeah, nope! This game is tough. The game plays at this fast speed, which what makes the game addicting, but also incredibly frustrating. We will get to that point soon. Honestly, that is about it for the gameplay element of Velocibox. It’s simple and fast-paced arcade-style gaming.

Graphically, I like the look of Velocibox. It goes for a more minimal art direction, with simple colors and look, but it’s polished enough that it looks really impressive. The techno music that plays throughout the game is catchy and well composed. Honestly, that is about it for the graphical presentation: simple, polished, and it has some solid music.

So, where do the problems come in? Well, the speed of the game is where it ruins the gameplay for me. It moves at too fast of a pace to be enjoyable, and I guess you can blame player error for this, but due to the camera being behind you, and the speed of how fast you move, it results in a game that relies way too much on trial-and-error gameplay to the point to where it doesn’t really become fun. I know some gamers out there get a kick out of these games, and to be fair, this isn’t a cynically made trial-and-error style game. It really does rely on the player to start getting better and better at the levels, but I just don’t find these types of games appealing. I don’t have all of the time in the world to tackle them, and it doesn’t help that it’s in a flood of games that may or may not do what this game does, but better.

For me, this game is an example as to when picking what games to put on your console, you should be stingy. I am still baffled when games like Slender: The Arrival, a game that was underwhelming to many, got put onto home consoles. Although I can honestly say that Velocibox isn’t my cup of tea, it’s not a bad game either. It’s sort of fun and has its charm, but after a few minutes of tedious gameplay, I lost interest. It’s on Steam right now for a couple of bucks, and is now available for your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. I would rather invest my money on a game I know has some staying power, like the upcoming Galak-Z. If you are into endless runner games, and games that were checked out by big YouTubers, then you should check Velocibox out. If you are not into those games, there is no harm in skipping it.

This game gets a 5 out of 10.