Kickstarter Shout-out: Kaptain Brawe 2: A Space Travesty

 photo brawe01.jpg If you are not an adventure game fan, you probably wouldn’t recognize the name, Steve Ince. He is an award-nominated writer and game designer, who is most famous for his work on Revolution Software’s Broken Sword franchise. I bring this very talented individual up because with the help of Kickstarter, we have seen a lot of the big wigs of adventure gaming come out of the woodwork to bring back the adventure game genre. Since we are seeing so many adventure game designers returning to the scene, why not add another? This Kickstarter Shout-out will be interesting, because this will cover a relaunched Kickstarter project called Kaptain Brawe 2: A Space Travesty. The original Kickstarter was already very impressive, and it looked like it was going to shape up to be a good game. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter didn’t reach its funding goals, but now with a new Kickstarter page up, and some healthy support from Ouya, let us talk about Kaptain Brawe 2: A Space Travesty.

 photo brawe03.jpg

The story is about the continuing adventures of our loveable, but goofy space police officer, Kaptain Brawe. This time, the mighty space captain has crashed his ship onto a rather chilly planet. How will he stay warm? Why, he lights his ship on fire to stay warm! I mean, isn’t that what you would do? Unfortunately, this leaves him and his crew stuck on the planet and he must get off it! Of course, he will also need the stop the evil space queen, Ursula Unsula, the ruler of the tiniest planet in the known universe. What is her grand evil scheme? Well, her evil plan has her wanting to conquer the second tiniest planet in the universe! Can Brawe get off the frozen planet, and save the universe in another silly, but grand space adventure? Personally, I think so! The story sounds extremely silly, and has a lot of the charm and humor that the first game had. All I am looking for in this story are funny jokes, memorable characters, and a great villain!

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The sequel will of course be an adventure game in the same vein of The Curse of Monkey Island, Broken Sword, and well, Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World. You will travel around multiple planets and encounter memorable characters that may or may not help you save the galaxy. I know I am being vague with the gameplay elements, but I have my reasons, which I will explain later on in this article.

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I also can’t say much about the graphical presentation, but they do show a bit of the 3D modeling of Kaptain Brawe in the trailer, and they have a couple of different pieces of concept art of some of the locations and characters you will meet. Plus, it has the art direction of Bill Tiller, the guy behind the beautiful The Curse of Monkey Island. The composer for the game is named Dejan Radic, and if the soundtrack is going to be anything like the song playing in the background of the Kickstarter video, it is going to be memorable and amazing!

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So, how about I get started with my concerns? The main issue is that they do not have much or any gameplay videos of the sequel. I am sure it is going to be very similar to the original game, but with beautiful hand-made backgrounds and 3D models, but not seeing any of it is a little concerning for the gamer. I always think that whenever you make a Kickstarter for your game, you need to show off some gameplay in a very late alpha or beta stage of the game. It gives the potential investors some relief that they aren’t just paying for an idea on paper, but an actual product. This is a bit of a bummer, since Steve Ince is a veteran of the adventure gaming scene, but with very little of the product to show off, then what will convince people to back the game? I want it to be backed, but you can tell a huge difference between the Kickstarter projects that show off gameplay, and the ones that don’t, or show off a very poor build of the game.

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I can’t explain enough why I think this is a fantastic Kickstarter. While it might lack some gameplay to show off, you can still see that these guys at Cateia Games are extremely passionate about their project, and would really love to bring it to life to the world of gaming. The game’s funding goal is $75K, and they are already at over $31K. If you haven’t played the original Kaptain Brawe or the midquel game that is available on the Kickstarter page, then I would highly recommend you get both games to prepare yourself for the next epic adventure of Kaptain Brawe!

(If you want to support this Kickstarter, follow this link!)