Kickstarter Shout-out: Battle Chef Brigade

 photo battle01.jpg Some of you may not know this about me, but besides playing video games, writing video game-related articles, and watching movies, I like to cook. I make a batch of crispy chick peas almost weekly, and I also love going to different food trucks to have unique and delicious dining experiences. Unfortunately, video games do not offer many good or well-rounded cooking experiences. Most of them are boring, tedious, and any other word that means “I am not having fun.” For the most part, cooking in video games is left to little mini-games like the ones found in Dragon’s Crown. While perusing around Kickstarter for my next article for Kickstarter Shout-out, I found this lovely little project called Battle Chef Brigade. If you took elements of Iron Chef, action RPGs, and gave it an anime/fantasy visual flair, you would get Battle Chef Brigade. Let’s sauté those onions and roast some beef stew, and see why Battle Chef Brigade is getting my Kickstarter Shout-out!

 photo battle02.jpg

In this delicious game, you play as a magical chef named Rina, as you are challenged to make an exquisite meal for your picky judges. You will also be able to play as other quirky chefs that are inspired by fantasy creatures and celebrity chefs. So, how are you going to cook these epic meals? Well, you will traverse a 2D landscape, and kill some monsters for your ingredients! That is right, my friend! Battle Chef Brigade is a 2D action game with cooking elements. You will be running and jumping your way through different levels, competing with other chefs by killing monsters for better ingredients for your dish. While you do kill many kinds of creatures, you will need to head back to the main kitchen and start using spells and unique tools to make please the judges, who all have picky tastes, if you want to beat out your opponent. As you progress and win cooking battles, you will be able to upgrade your equipment and spells so you can be able to make better dishes. So, if you have watched any cooking competition shows at all, you know that you will be under a timer. This leaves you with some depth in how you tackle the dishes. Do you take your time to get all the ingredients you need and risk not having enough cooking time? What if you want to make sure you have enough time to cook, but don’t have everything to beat your opponent? I mean, that is what I got from the game’s overall design. How about we move onto the graphical presentation?

 photo battle03.jpg

The game’s art style has its charm. It’s 2D hand-drawn animation, and even though it looks kind of rough, it still looks really fluid. Again, it’s good to see an indie developer tackle a game with something other than a pixel art style. The game definitely has personality, and seeing the homage to the original Japanese Iron Chef reminds me of my time in middle school when I watched that show. The composer of the game is Tom Dunkin. So far, his sample tracks for the game sounds like the same epic music you hear in the Japanese or American Iron Chef.

 photo battle04.jpg

So, any concerns? I think one of my few concerns is that if the designers want the players to explore and go through the whole high risk, high reward-style of game, they need to balance it out like that or else gamers will want to stay close by the main cooking area, and won’t want to explore and find better ingredients for dishes. I also hope that there is more animation for the judges, like them eating the food and showing off difference facial expressions. I would be a little disappointed if all they did was sit there and talk. Other than that, I have nothing else to be concerned with.

 photo battle06.jpg

I like the overall feel and idea of the game, an action RPG that revolves around killing critters and making delicious dishes with them in a pseudo fantasy Iron Chef. The team behind the game, Trinket Studios, has experience with games like Disney’s Guilty Party for the Wii. If you are concerned that this game won’t make its funding goal, they already have. They have reached their funding goal of $38K, and is currently over $54K. They do have stretch goals, from fully voiced cutscenes to extra playable characters. If you want to see something that is rather unique, then I would highly recommend you check out Battle Chef Brigade. Congrats Trinket Studios, Battle Chef Brigade gets my official Kickstarter Shout-out!

(If you want to support this Kickstarter, go to this link!)