Kickstarter Shout-out: Little Devil Inside

(Update: As of 5/21/15, the Kickstarter has been fully funded!)

As 2015 marches forward, I am starting to be a little pickier with what I talk about. Maybe I will make a list of Kickstarters to be on the look for, while having some concerns about them getting funded or not. The concern might be the pace that they’re getting funded, they do not show off enough of a product, maybe people are intimidated by their funding price, or maybe they were launched during a week that a big budget game or a huge Kickstarter project was coming out. Either way, indie developers need to be very prepared for any of these situations to happen or else they are going to have a bad time. Why bring up these concerns? Well, a lot of these concerns are the ones I have for today’s Kickstarter Shout-out, Little Devil Inside. Let’s dive in so you all can learn about this cool Kickstarter.

Little Devil Inside puts you in the shoes of an explorer who is hired by a university professor to traverse the land searching for supernatural activities. The game already has an appealing set-up, and it definitely helps with the world we see in the trailer. It’s a mix of old-timey elements, but with a touch of the fantastic. It reminds me of something that would belong right in the universe of “Hellboy” or “The Grunt.” However, the developer has mentioned that the game, while having an overall narrative, is more open-ended in how you tackle the story, and will have an extensive lore.

Little Devil Inside is a 3D open-ended action adventure game with a huge emphasis on exploration. From what the footage has shown us, you will be traveling through dark forests, grassy open fields, snowy mountains, the high seas, and miles of sandy desert. I have heard a lot of people describe the trailer as a mixture of Dark Souls and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and I have to say, I totally agree. The combat looks simple, but you can’t just go in guns blazing like you are Conan the Barbarian and Kratos from God of War combined. This is especially true when you see the main character take on a knight in the snowy mountains. It also looks like you will have to deal with enemy encounters while you are on your travels, with scenes showing the main hero dealing with bandits, a dragon, and a giant tentacle monster.

I think the best element this game has going for it is the art style. It’s minimal, but it works due to how beautiful the game looks. It’s amazing that the game footage we see is in pre-alpha. It’s also very colorful. You have to respect a developer that wants to use more than the colors of gray and brown. Once again, it’s fantastic that they want to make a 3D game. I am all for 2D games, but I like seeing indie developers challenge themselves.

So, what are my concerns for the project? Well, I think it’s having some trouble with the pace of the incoming funding. When they first launched, their Kickstarter page was terrible. It was barebones and while they have updated it immensely, I am concerned that it turned off some people due to how tough it is to get on Kickstarter and be successful. I also think the element that is going to hurt the Kickstarter the most, even though it’s about halfway in it’s funding, are the two Kickstarters, Yooka-Laylee and the recently released Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. I mean, the first game is made by the core team of Banjo Kazooie and the second one is made by Koji Igarashi. I feel badly for any Kickstarter that gets launched during the time those two projects are up.

Well, whether they make it or decide to go up again in the future, I like what Little Devil Inside offers. The minimal art style, the smooth animation, and many other elements give this game the potential to be rather amazing. They also put up that they are going to make it for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The funding goal is over $191K in US currency, and as of May 11th 2015, it has reached over half of its goal. I think the team at Neostream has something great on their hands. Let’s hope they fulfill on making a terrific game for the mass to play. I will see if I can get an interview with the developer in the future as well. Congrats, Neostream, Little Devil Inside gets my Official Kickstarter Shout-out!

(If you want to support this game, go to this link!)