Multiple Kickstarter Special Part 1

Well, Kickstarter put up a slew of great Kickstarters, including the fully funded and promising Battle Chasers: Nightwar game. I decided to do a special two-part Kickstarter Shout-out covering the newest and most promising projects up on the site. Let’s get started because this two-part article is huge! Oh, and Allison Road will not be on this list. Not because it isn’t a great Kickstarter or a promising game, but I want to get an interview with the developers about the game. Plus, you should already back it if you love horror games!

For the King

Developed by Iron Oak Games, this game is gameplay oriented. you have a group of three heroes as you send them on a quest on a hex-based world to destroy the evil that has taken over the land after the king has died. Yeah, not a whole lot of plot there.

For the King is an interesting, turn-based RPG with some roguelike elements thrown in for good measure. You can control each of your three characters, a wizard, archer, and blacksmith individually, and have them go at quests and missions alone or as one big group. Unique dangers will appear at different parts of the day, and if you explore enough, you can probably find some rather helpful areas that could get rid of the baddies for you.  The combat is your familiar turn-based affairs, but with the added risk of permadeath. You can either find herbs to cure your wounds, and make bases to brave the night, or face what the night will bring upon your very souls. Another element that I really like is how you can go at this alone, or play with co-op. It’s a game that will make sure you get a challenge and a lot of content as you find loot and lore to help you on your quest.

Graphically, I like this low-polygonal look. For the King is supposed to be a homage/tribute to the PlayStation 1 era of RPGs. Much of the color palette reminds me of the colors you would see during sunsets with purples, oranges, and light violet hues. The music is being composed by John Matz, who worked on games like Gunpoint and Rodina.

Of course, my usual concerns come with the roguelike elements that will hopefully not rely too much on the RNG, and not become too hard. We like making progress and have a satisfying challenge. I’d rather not feel like the game is wasting my time with cheap tricks.

To no surprise, I liked this Kickstarter. It has obviously been funded, and has been slowly but surely progressing through its stretch goals. If you love turn-based RPGs and roguelikes, then you should definitely help support For the King. Congrats, Iron Oak Games, For the King gets my official Kickstarter Shout-out.


Pixel Noir

Developed by SWD Tech Games, Pixel Noir sets you in this grungy city called Pinnacle City, a city that isn’t as safe as you would hope. You play as The Detective, an individual who is haunted by visions of the past, and goes through the city with a few fellow allies in battle to take down thugs and maybe something else that may be walking along the city streets. If you love films like “Bladerunner,” “They Live,” or any gritty crime drama, then you might find yourself loving this game’s world.

Gameplay and combat reminds me of a mixture of the SNES version of Shadowrun and Chrono Trigger. You will traverse this grimy town, exploring multiple buildings, talking to people, and, if push comes to shove, you shove back in turn-based combat. You can even customize your weapons that will make them stronger or take advantage of the situation at hand. Sure, you could go into this game guns blazing and ready to turn anyone into red-colored paste on the ground, but sometimes, a more delicate investigative hand to solve some of the problems in your way is the better route. If you feel like there isn’t enough content already in this game, the stretch goals include expanded story elements. If you are on the fence about the gameplay, the developers put up a nice little demo that you can check out!

Graphically, Pixel Noir once again reminds me of the SNES Shadowrun game that was released during the mid-90s. It doesn’t look like what a lot of pixel-based games are looking like at this point in the indie scene. It’s like how Shovel Knight went full force on its 8-bit ascetics, and Pixel Noir is doing that, but with 16-bit graphics. I also like the atmosphere of this disgusting and unsafe city that you must traverse.

If I had one concern, it would be that I hope the story is good. I am fine with this being a mystery, but if you focus too much on it, the ending could be underwhelming. I know this seems like not a big deal, but think about how many games or anything that built up such a big mystery and then fizzled out near the end. Wouldn’t you rather them focus on making a good overall story instead of dragging you along for the ride?

Overall, I really like Pixel Noir. This is SWD Tech Games’ second time attempting to get this game made, and they have already been funded, but that doesn’t mean you should stop supporting it. The game will be coming to PS4, Vita, and PC. Like I mentioned above, there is a playable demo, and stretch goals to reach the Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS. If you love RPGs, then I would highly recommend backing Pixel Noir. Congratulations, SWD Tech Games, Pixel Noir gets my Official Kickstarter Shout-out!