The Top 3 Video Game Kickstarter Projects to Check Out As of 2/8/16

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Well, it’s been an entire month into 2016, and I haven’t talked about Kickstarters that are worth your time. I guess I was still on the high of the Psychonauts 2 Fig campaign, but most of the time, I don’t talk about Kickstarters that I don’t have a lot of faith in. I cherry-pick them since I feel like some of them stand out more than the others in terms of how much effort was put into the individual projects. So, since there are so many projects right now that are worth your time, here is a list of the Kickstarters/Indiegogo projects that you should consider backing. This will also not be in any kind of order since they all are pretty good-looking and are worth your time.

Knights and Bikes

To be quite frank, Knights and Bikes is a super sexy game to me. Not in a sexual way, but it’s everything I love and look for in a good Kickstarter. The page is very detailed, the game is in a good playable state to show off footage of it, the game itself has loads of charm and personality that got the child-like wonder side of me excited. Knights and Bikes is an isometric action RPG that reminds me of Don’t Starve, in how the game is viewed by the player, and the art style from Tearaway. Actually, that Tearaway comparison shouldn’t be a surprise, since the developers behind the game worked on Tearaway, Ratchet & Clank, Little Big Planet, and the composer worked on films like Steve Jobs and The Man from UNCLE. I started off the list with this one, since this is a prime example of what I look for in terms of good crowdfunding projects. My only disappointment is that as of 2/3/16, they do not have console add-ons or stretch goals. I would love to play this on my PlayStation 4 or Nintendo’s upcoming NX console.  However, once console additions have been added, I will definitely back this game! I think this is the first Kickstarter you should all check out!


Wandersong is an interesting 2D platformer/rhythm game that reminds me of games that try to do the paper-craft look. The main gameplay aspect of Wandersong is to, well, use music to make your way across this fantasy world. You can change the wind, purify ghosts, alter time, and be able to lift platforms up into the air. The graphics are charming, and it’s another title that I’m glad to see will hopefully get made.

Dual Gear

The first major Indiegogo campaign worth giving a hoot about is Dual Gear, a mech game that reminds me of both Armored Core and Front Mission. It has a combination of turn-based combat, but when it’s a mech’s turn, you get to move the mech in real time. It reminds me with how Valkyria Chronicles’ combat system works. It looks fun, and for anyone that loves heavy customization, the game has heavy mech customization that you would see in the Armored Core franchise. It looks good for a futuristic sci-fi game, but I do wish the mech designs didn’t remind me of Armored Core. I would love for Japanese-style mech designs to look unique, or at least like the Techromancer or Super Robot variety. I prefer seeing robots like Patlabor or Daiguard. However, that is just personal taste. Still, the game is going to have a lengthy campaign, and from what I have seen, it’s all very impressive. Oh, and if you are still unsure, there is a demo if you want to try it out.