Top Video Game Kickstarter Projects to Check Out As of 2/25/16

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Yup, we are back again with another Top Kickstarters to Check out! I had a lot of fun writing about video game Kickstarters again, and a crop of new ones popped up. I decided to do what I did with the last article and talk about multiple Kickstarters that are worth your time as of when this article goes out. However, I will be putting a few honorable mentions first since they just got fully funded, but should still be mentioned. Let’s get started with the Honorable Mentions!

Pinstripe: Pinstripe is a 2D atmospheric exploration game with a heavy emphasis on horror as you play a dad trying to find his daughter who was kidnapped. You probably saw this game on the Game Grumps series, Steam Train, where they played what was essentially a demo. It has a charming artstyle, a really creepy atmosphere, and simple platforming and puzzles. The running animation could look a little better in my opinion, but overall, I can see why this project got funded so quickly. It quite frankly looks good! The developer will also be at the SXSW gaming event, and I’ll be able to play it there and give you all my impression.

Let’s get started!


Lancelot’s Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze

Up first is the rather silly Lancelot’s Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze by Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt. This is an adventure game where you play as Lancelot who must obtain the Holy Grail and fill it with booze. Unfortunately for him, it’s stuck in the worst place ever, France! It’s a point-and-click adventure game in the vein of Monkey Island with the lovely art style of the Monty Python franchise. Along your drunk quest you will meet many characters, solve puzzles, and play mini-games. Sounds like nothing different from a frat party. I found the art style to be endearing and charming. If you love adventures with a goofy and silly sense of humor, you should check this one out. The game does have a demo to see if it’s your cup of boozy tea.


A Place for the Unwilling

From a 2D adventure game that is rather silly, we move onto A Place for the Unwilling, an ominously dark 2D isometric adventure game by AlPixel Games. You play as a civilian in a city going about your days meeting individuals, making deals, and paying the bills as you traverse the eerie town that is filled with people covered in shadows. It’s a beautiful looking game, but I do hope there is enough help to travel across said town without the player feeling like they have no idea where they are going. Still, if you like looking at an adventure game that shakes things up, then you should help this project out!



Some of my earliest gaming memories consist of glimpses of me and a childhood friend playing the original Descent on his family’s PC. While we are getting the highly anticipated Descent Underground, which is on Early Access on Steam, we are also getting a spiritual successor from some of the original individuals that made Descent with Overload by Revival Productions. The biggest deal about the original Descent was the fact you could fly in six degrees of freedom. It was like a dungeon crawler, but with an aircraft.  Overload seems to want to not fix what isn’t broken. I mean, why would you? Sure, it might not let you terraform the area around you, but since there aren’t a lot of games like Descent, I am fine with this. If you are curious as to what kind of experience the entire team has had with the game industry, the titles they have all worked on include Descent, Descent 2, Ultima Underworld, Freespace, Red Faction II, Summoner 2, The Punisher, Alter Echo, and Saints Rows the Third. If you love classic PC shooters, then you should go support this upcoming PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One project!



Want to run your own mansion filled with the spooks and creeps of the night? Want to have Frankenstein’s Monster and mummies wandering the hallways? Well, MachiaVillain by Wild Factor is the game for you! It’s basically a different take on the Dungeon Keeper-style game, where you build and raise monsters, and slaughter victims and suspicious individuals. It has a quirky art style, and it’s a type of game we don’t often see. If you love Dungeon Keeper, Dungeons II, or War for the Overworld, then you might like MachiaVillain.


Mediocre Monster

I have personally been waiting for this project to go up on Kickstarter for a long time. This is Mediocre Monster by Opal Squad. The main experience of Mediocre Monster puts you into the shoes of Gob, a, well, mediocre monster whose job is to be beaten and basically be the monster the main heroes have to fight. You go through multiple battles, making sure to follow certain calling cards like attacking the hero that taunts, and dropping off potions after your body hits the ground like a bag of sausages. As you level up, you will be able to swap your palette and be a stronger monster, and be able to attract other monsters to your village to make sure you gain the income to save your town. It’s a super appealing and original RPG that isn’t trying to be like another Final Fantasy of old, or trying to capture the 16-bit RPG era. It’s an RPG that does its own thing, and I am glad to see Mediocre Monster on Kickstarter!