Top Video Game Kickstarter Projects to Check Out as of 4/21/16

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And we are back! Sorry about not talking much about the Kickstarters in March. I just felt like there wasn’t enough to talk about. There were a few, but by the time I could get to them, they were already funded. Still, it’s now April, and I found a few to talk about! Let’s begin!


Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure

Developed by Stuck In Attic, Gibbous is a humorous adventure game set in Transylvania. It deals with a detective named Don R. Ketype, who is trying to find a young man named Buzz Kerwan, who found a rare and unknown book known as the Necronomicon, and ends up using the magic of the book to make Buzz’s cat speak. All three must deal with weird occurrences happening around town with cults. The gameplay itself is pretty much what you would find in many traditional LucasArts adventure games, with clever puzzles and witty dialogue as you play as the three protagonists. One of the main elements that I really like about this Kickstarter is the hand-drawn graphics. It’s all very smooth, and it’s nice to see 2D animation be used in a lot more Kickstarter-funded games like this and Battlechasers. I like this quirky, spooky setting, and the charming art style. It’s still not fully funded as of 4/21/16, but if you like adventure games, enjoy funky worlds, have some spare cash leftover from backing Ron Gilbert’s project Thimbleweed Park, then you should check out this adventure game! It has a playable demo, so play it and see if you would like to back an adventure game!


Arcadian Atlas

Do you miss the days of isometric RPGs that looked like a Super Nintendo game or something similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Battle? Am I asking too many questions? Probably, because this is about Arcadian Atlas, a tactics-style game developed by Twin Otter, where you take control of a group of heroes in a war-torn country in a hopefully deep and emotionally involved story. It plays pretty much like the old tactics games from your Super Nintendo and PlayStation 1 days, as you pick your classes, battle on a grid-based field, and make sure to take down the opposing force. While it might not be anything super-unique or interesting among the tactical RPGs made by indie developers, I do like that it’s a sprite-based tactics game, and one that isn’t trying to be like The Banner Saga. The game is about halfway through its funding goal, so if this is right up your alley, you should help this developer out.


Luna: The Shadow Dust

Luna: The Shadow Dust is a charming 2D adventure game made by Lantern Studio. You play as a boy and a creature friend to enter a strange world and explore an ancient tower to, well, see what the heck is going on. Throughout the game, you will be using both the boy and the creature to solve puzzles by switching back and forward between them. It’s kind of like how Armikrog has the main lead and his little blind dog friend. It’s a charming and atmospheric adventure game that is almost at its funding goal. If you love adventure games that take place in bizarre worlds, then you should check this game out.


Fear Effect Sedna

Hey look, an actual company that has the rights to the game and isn’t some trollish scam artist trying to capitalize on nostalgia. This new game in the cult favorite series is being made by Sushee, who actually got the rights to Fear Effect, and even brought on one of its original creators to work on this new game. This new entry in the franchise is a real-time tactical action game, where you control the main heroes through a new adventure involving mythological elements and some mature storytelling, as we dive into the history of the individual characters. It looks great, but I do kind of miss the campy nature of the original games. Still, if you loved the original games, and what you see is impressive, you should probably help get an old fan favorite series back on its feet.