Top Video Game Kickstarter Projects of 6/9/16

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It’s only the beginning of June and I already have so many amazing games to talk about! We have quite the list today, including a rise-from-the-ashes Fable game from a lot of the original developers from the now defunct Lionshead Studios, a first-person Myst-style experience, a 3D Tavern RPG where you control everything from within a fantasy tavern, and much more! It’s actually quite exciting!


Fable Fortune

Up first is the phoenix of the group, Fable Fortune. This is being developed by Flaming Fowl Studios, a group of individuals who were once part of the used-to-be great Lionshead Studios. And yes, Peter Molyneux is not attached to this project. Anyway, Fable Fortune is a digital collectable card game/RPG that has that same kind of Hearthstone or Elder Scrolls: Legends-style game where you build your decks, build up some mana, and summon iconic Fable characters and creatures to beat other opponents into mushy pulp. One of the elements that stand out to me is the visual presentation. Instead of looking at just cards with some razzle dazzle effects, they have actual figures standing in the battlefield. It’s a nice change of pace, since it seems like every single digital card game that comes out must follow the same look and design of Hearthstone. I have nothing against these types of games, but when they all start looking alike, then that’s a problem. The game also includes a good/evil system, a player-versus-player mode, events, and even co-op. I love the fact that there is co-op in a digital card game. Now, this Kickstarter is only for funding a beta, where they want to hear how the game plays and any improvements, characters to add, and so on from this beta. Additional stretch goals include more heroes and an Xbox One version. I know the franchise does not have the most spotless record, thanks to one individual, but he is not part of the project, and you should give these guys a chance. I do hope the troubled history of Fable does not turn you away from a very impressive CCG game! I’ll try and get an interview with these guys. If you love card games, then you should definitely help back Fable Fortune!


Epic Tavern

Update: This project has been funded, but I’m going to talk about it!

Are you tired of doing all of the epic adventures? Don’t you want to sit back, relax, serve a few pints, and let other heroes of fantasy do the work for you while you run a tavern? Well, Hyperkinetic Studios’ Epic Tavern is your kind of game! The main goal of the game is for you, a tavern master, to run a tavern that will draw in many epic heroes that may help you complete some quests if they are tipsy enough. You get to see the progress of your heroes, and depending on what you decided to do and what quests you take, will sculp what happens to your tavern. It’s a management simulator, but it’s a lot more interesting than what we usually get, and isn’t as cynically made as some of the tripe you see on Steam. If you love these types of games and want a RPG where you send others out to do your hard work, then get epic and go to the Epic Tavern.


Greedy Guns

Do you like Metroidvania-style games? What about Bullet Hell shooters? Do you like wacky art styles? What about co-op? Then you should probably check out Greedy Guns by Tio Atum. Like I just listed, the game has you playing as a male or female individual, working for a company that sends them to alien planets to bring back DNA and other items in return for money. You will run, gun, upgrade your arsenal, and dodge a heavy load of bullets and rounds that are being shot at you by everything around you. It’s fast paced and fun-looking. I do think that maybe the game looks a bit too busy at times, but I’m sure they will take that into consideration. If you love intense, but colorful shooters, then you will probably enjoy backing this project!



UPDATE: The game has already met its funding goal, but I’m still going to talk about it!

Are you tired of being the chosen one who must go on a big quest to save the world? Wouldn’t you rather be Torneko from Dragon Quest 4 and run a shop where you have to traverse dungeons for your shop items? Well, if you are tight for cash and would rather not bite the bullet for a PlayStation 1 copy of Torneko: The Last Hope, then Moonlighter by Digital Sun Games is your best alternative. You play as a shopkeeper named Will as you balance out the daily grind of running a shop with going into dungeons to find said items for your shop. It plays very much like an action-focused RPG with roguelite elements that will keep you on your feet as you make sure not to die and lose your month’s rent money due to a blob giving you a good ol’ stab in the back.

On top of the action-oriented combat, you will have to choose wisely what items you find and sell. Sure, you could keep those nice gauntlets, but they would also make sure you don’t end up broke. You can also use your gold to upgrade your items so you can be a stronger fighter and not die early on in the dungeon.

The graphics are great with some of the best sprite work I have seen in a long time since the Aegis Defenders Kickstarter. The music is also quite charming with composer Alec Holowka behind the wheel. He has worked on a lot of indie games, including TowerFall, Night in the Wood, and Offspring Fling.  If you love roguelite-style action RPGs with a shop-running mechanic, then you should check this out. This might be the first Kickstarter I back for this year.



Love Myst? Tired of feeling stumped with The Witness? Well, maybe you should help back ZED, developed by Eagre Games. You play as an individual who is helping a dying dreamer that wants to leave a lasting legacy for his granddaughter. You will travel through a world created by the highly acclaimed artist, Chuck Carter, who helped create Myst, worked on the Command and Conquer and Red Alert franchises, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and has worked on shows like Babylon 5.  You will traverse a dreamlike world solving puzzles from a first-person perspective.

The game truly does look like a dream, with some incredibly visual worlds. It definitely stands out in terms of 3D games on Kickstarter. Overall, I hope the puzzles make sense, and being able to traverse the world around you isn’t too difficult. If you love first-person adventure games, and aren’t tired of the first-person puzzle games, then you should definitely help these guys out. They aren’t just some small indie newcomers, since the lead writer, Joe Fielder has  worked with multiple triple-A games, including BioShock Infinite, Burial at Sea Episode 1 & 2, The Flame in the Flood, BOOM BLOX, and is working on OtherSide Entertainment’s Underwrold Ascendant. Want another mind-bending first-person puzzle game? Then get out that wallet, and help out ZED.



Stygian is a PC-style horror RPG that has everyone’s favorite dark Lovecraftian overlord, Cthulhu. Anyway, you will traverse your way through a world full of cosmic horrors and horrifying individuals. The playable characters will all be from the great works from H.P. Lovecraft. The combat will be turn-based, but will have a few twists to it. Melee combat will be tough, and while there will be magic in the game, you probably want to think twice before using it since, well, this is Lovecraftian horror, and magic might have some consequences. The gameplay is definitely a mixture of something like Pillars of Eternity and the old Heroes of Might and Magic. My only real concern is how everything will balance out. I want to be immersed in the horror, and be terrified, but I’d rather the difficulty be balanced perfectly. I don’t have fun with super-hard games. I’d rather feel invested in the story, and not have to deal with hard enemies. If I had to pick between immersion/story and difficulty, give me immersion/story any day.  If this sounds like something that you will love, then make sure to give this developer your support!