Top Video Game Kickstarters of July 2016

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Holy cow! July, usually one of the worst months to put Kickstarters up, ends up being one of the best months in Kickstarters that I have ever seen of this time. There were so many good projects that I couldn’t get to them or write about them in time due to a hectic schedule.

Honorable Mentions

System Shock

This remastered version of the iconic PC classic was very impressive. It not only had footage to show off, but a playable demo. It was an overall incredible Kickstarter. It’s not really my thing, but still, I’m going to give credit where credit is due.


A super charming RPG with music composed by the individuals that do the score for the popular Steven Universe Show. It’s also a pretty charming RPG, with what seems like likable characters. Definitely one of the easier projects to back, due to the price of getting a copy was cheaper than most Kickstarters. If you love RPGs with quirky personalities, then you should go support this project.


A dark and gritty metroidvania-style action game set in a world with humanoid animals that looks like if Streets of Fire was made by Don Bluth, and then animated. The second launch of this project was much more interesting with a playable prototype. If you like 2D action games with dark tones, you should keep eyes out for this game.

Wizard of Legend

This is a 16-bit action-oriented roguelike, with a complex magic system that is easy to get into and fun to play. If you want to help get this game some more money, try out the playable demo and have some fun!

Let’s get started!

Prey for the Gods

UPDATE: They have reached their funding goal and will be looking to get more polish, items, and bosses!

Prey for the Gods is probably one of the most impressive Kickstarters of this year by No Matter Studio. You are put in the role of a warrior woman who is trapped on this frozen country that is enveloped in a non-stop winter. You will need to make sure to save up food and survive the harsh environments in this non-linear Shadow of the Colossus-style action game, where your main goal is to take down these giant monsters. For a build of a game that has been in development for six months, the game looks very impressive. It has great graphics, atmospheric and epic music. The giants look threatening, and it’s easily one of the standout Kickstarters of the year so far. I will definitely try and get an interview with these guys about the game. I even decided to back this project since I believe in it so much. It has reached its funding goal, and is now hoping to get better animation and more bosses. If you love Shadow of the Colossus, then you will probably be down with supporting this project.


Developed by Moonburnt Studio, COLUMNAE is a story-driven nonlinear adventure game that is set in a beautiful steampunk world after a catastrophe. The remaining civilians live in a huge dome-like world that has unfortunately segregated the rich and the poor. You play as an individual who must traverse the large dome city, and tackle quests and solve adventure game-style puzzles to get one of eight endings depending on who you ally with and what decisions you make down the line. The real stand out feature of COLUMNAE is the graphics and the setting. It really does stand out among the games that use the steampunk art direction with its heavy emphasis on dark almost black shadow-looking characters. I do wonder how enjoyable the main story can be with the multiple decisions and non-linear paths you can take due to the game having eight endings. I hope it won’t be too confusing to get into, since I really do adore the world in which the game takes place. If you like non-linear games and adventure games, then you should definitely go back COLUMNAE. Oh, and there is a playable demo of the game for you to check out.

Fox n Forests

Fox n Forests is a charming 16-bit platformer, that plays like a 2D action game with the ability to change the season. This mechanic will help you with making platforms to jump on in the winter, and taking down ice walls by turning the season to spring. It really looks like a Super Nintendo game from that era with how the sprites move across the backgrounds. It’s a beautiful-looking game, even if it is trying to be yet another 16-bit platformer. I have nothing against them, but they are using terms and words that are or have been used to the point of making them feel more cheap than genuine. Still, if you love 16-bit platformers, and like ones that have a pretty grounded design to them, then you should help make sure Fox n Forests gets funded. It’s most likely going to be on PC first, but they plan on bringing it to consoles like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even Nintendo’s NX. I think the only other concern I have is that they also want to bring it to last gen as well, and that’s admirable, but sounds like a waste of time and money. However, I’m talking about this for a reason. It’s honestly one of the more charming and entertaining Kickstarters I have seen from this month.


UPDATE: It has reached its funding goal!

Tired of Undertale, and too disturbed to get through Lisa? Why not try out this Earthbound-style rpg known as GLITCHED. You play as Gus, who must go on an epic adventure when the land of SOREN has a giant nasty glitch in the sky. I’m not kidding, this game is heavily drenched in being self-aware and breaking the fourth wall as many times as possible. Besides charming cartoony graphics and a quirky atmosphere, the game’s biggest draw is how you can deal with enemies like in Undertale where you can kill them, spare them, or do something else to solve the problems that get in your way. The graphics are bright and colorful, and the music is catchy. It’s a game that definitely makes itself different, due to the streamlined RPG mechanics and silly personality. If you love Earthbound, Undertale, or Lisa, then you should definitely check this game out.

Grave Danger

If you miss games like The Lost Vikings, then you will probably want to support/back some cash towards Grave Danger by Jeff Brooks. This is a 2D platforming puzzle game where you control three characters, a cowboy, a mage, and the grim reaper. You will need to use all three characters and their unique abilities to get to the end of each level. The cowboy can attack enemies, the mage can teleport long-distances, leaving a portal for other characters to use to get to the other side, and the grim reaper can do a floating jump. The graphics are cartoony and silly, giving the game a lot of personality. If you love platforming puzzle games like Trine or The Lost Vikings, then you need to support this game. It’s coming to PC and multiple consoles.

The Adventure Pals

For our final Kickstarter game, we have The Adventure Pals by Massive Monster. It’s a wildly creative action platformer with leveling-up systems, exploration, quests, towns to visit, giant bosses to fight, and it even has special abilities brought to you by a giraffe and a rock. Let me explain those last two. You have a giraffe sitting in your backpack (because they of course fit into those) and what is essentially a pet rock. The cartoony art style is incredibly charming, with inspirations from shows like Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, and the music is done by HyperDuck SoundWorks. These are the people behind Kingdom Rush, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and Knightmare Tower. If you like silly action adventure games, with the ability to play with another friend, then you should definitely check this game out and help it reach its funding goals.