Kickstarter Shout-outs: Top Video Game Kickstarters of November 2016

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Finally back with some more Kickstarter goodness. I originally planned to do an article talking about some that popped up from the previous month of October, but things got busy, and personal life situations got in the way. It didn’t help that the ones I wanted to talk about either didn’t get funded or got funded so quickly that it was hard to get the word out. I’ll try to do these in a timelier manner. Now then, let’s get to the two games that deserve your attention.


Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King


Are you tired of playing Dark Souls III? Do you want a Dark Souls III-style experience that isn’t the Salt & Sanctuary kind? Well, maybe you should help out an indie developer by the name of Redlock Studio and their game, Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King. This is a 2.5D action adventure game where you must traverse this barren, haunted world platforming through different zones, trying to solve one major puzzle, some smaller puzzles, avoiding traps, finding out what happened in terms of the story, fighting monsters, unlocking passive skills, unlocking active skills, and taking down massive bosses. For the most part, you will be on a 2.5D plane, and once you enter into boss fights or certain areas, you will transition into a 3D area where you fight bosses in a very Dark Souls III-sort of way. Your combat system is pretty basic, with a combo system and a stamina meter to watch out for. It definitely has the atmosphere and art direction down, as this is a very pretty-looking game, but I do wonder how in-depth everything will be, and how fluid the transition from 2.5D-style action to 3D action will be. Like, will there be a lot of micromanaging stats, or will the overall experience be able to be picked up and played by anyone? Still, if you love Dark Souls, Salt & Sanctuary, or games with pretty art styles, then you should probably help back this team’s impressive game.


Jazon and the Dead


This Fig campaign project from 2nd Hand Studio is an isometric action game that takes place in a zombie apocalypse, with dark comedic humor and a rad 80s-vibe to the overall game. You play as this biker named Jazon, who must wander the wastelands discovering his past while meeting a wastelander named Zoey. The gameplay is easy to get into. You shoot, smash, slash, and punch your way through zombies, while solving environmental puzzles to progress through the levels. You can also go through sequences where you ride on the cartoonishly cool bike that Jazon owns. You will find your way through abandoned towns, caves research buildings, and military facilities as you deal with the slow, brain-dead enemies. The art style definitely stands out, and reminds me of something from Full Throttle. It’s very cartoony, and it definitely has a Borderland’s vibe to it. It doesn’t really have much longer to get funded, and I think it’s because some of the gameplay didn’t look all that impressive, and the sound effects sounded weak. Like, if this is supposed to be an over-the-top 80s-style setting, my punches hitting a zombie shouldn’t sound like I’m slapping a piece of ham. The voice acting also sounds a bit too quiet for the music. I get that it’s early footage, but I definitely feel like they could do better in the sound department. I hope these guys get funded, since I feel like there is enough substance for this game to be worth funding, but they also came out during a very busy time for video games. I wish them luck and if you like isometric-action games with personality, then definitely back this project.

There are some Kickstarters out on the crowdfunding sites that are interesting, but these were the only ones that impressed me and caught my eye, due to their different styles. I hope them the best of luck!