The Current State of Kickstarter Shout-out and Projects to Go Support

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So, I’m going to be honest. I have neglected to do these articles. They are probably one of the trickier articles to work on, because I need to get them out on time or way early on their upload to the crowd-funding websites. It’s not like I’m done talking about them. I love looking to see what new kinds of indie games are looking for funding, and want to help developers get their games known. I just have a lot going on. On top of my job and personal life matters, I have other articles to write that also need to be done in a timely manner for the main website. I have unfortunately put full commitment towards one side of my website, and the gaming side had to suffer. I love gaming, but that will be an entirely different article to talk about those thoughts. I’m going to try and do better with these articles, and I’ll make sure to schedule myself to get these done in a timelier manner. To make up for it, here are some video game Kickstarter projects that you may want to check out!

Chained Echos

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Developed by Matthias Linda and his team, Chained Echoes is a retro-inspired turn-based RPG in which you traverse a world with both dragons and giant robots to take down evil forces that have been at war for generations. You will travel around the levels getting into turn-based battles. There are no random battles, so if you are in the mood to fight some monsters, you just go up to them. The other big gimmick is that you can pilot giant robots and ride around in a hugely customizable and upgradable airship. It’s definitely another RPG that caters to fans of the original Super Nintendo RPGs, but with a bit of a PlayStation-era RPG flair as well. I’m wondering how much the giant robots and airship add to the overall game, and how big of a difference the game’s story will be with the multiple choices, but it looks like a solid RPG with some creative ideas. I’m a bit worried that it might not look unique enough to warrant another retro-inspired RPG on the market, but I hope the developers get the funding and make the game.

Summer in Mara

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While this game has been funded already, I wanted to mention Summer in Mara by developer Chibig. You play as a young girl named Koa, who has lived on this nice little island ever since she was a baby found in the ocean. You grow up and then decide to help your island and its people flourish by crafting, exploring, selling what you have made or found, and preventing an evil corporation from another planet from taking over the ocean and everyone in it. It’s like a stripped-down Wind Waker combined with Stardew Valley. There are no combat sequences as you traverse the oceanic landscape. It has fairly colorful graphics, charming character designs, and whimsical music. You do wonder if it will find an audience among the Stardew Valley and My Time in Portia crowds, but considering that it’s now funded, who am I to say that this game will struggle to find an audience? If you like any of the types of games I mentioned in this portion of the article, then go check out Summer in Mara!

Tower Princess

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Finally, we have Tower Princess by AweKTeaM. You play as one of three randomly generated knights, as you platform and fight your way through procedurally generated castles to find the princesses or prince. Hopefully, you make it out of the castle while avoiding traps, enemies, and large bosses. It also has multiplayer modes where you can team up with your friend! I think the game looks cute, I like the little twist of how this is an action platformer mixed with slight dating sim elements of winning their affection. I think the only downside and concern is how everything runs. The gameplay looked really laggy, clunky, and the framerate was not great. You just wonder how the final game will be performing, because I can tell this will require a lot of tight controls, and having wonky controls will kill this game’s potential audience. Still, I like the idea, and I hope they get the full funding that they need.