Play it Again, Cam! Introduction

So, as a critic, I have been reviewing animated films for two years now, and covering gaming for 10 years on my website, However, I feel like if I am to grow as a critic, I need to review something else. If I want to expand and widen my audience, I need to review the next evolution of animated films, live-action films! However, my opinions on most movies don’t really go down a different path, than what most people think of the films that come out every year. I loved Moonlight, Mad Max: Fury Road was fantastic, I didn’t like Baywatch, I thought CHiPS was the worst movie of 2017, and you get the idea. I had to decide where I wanted to go with these reviews, and then it came to me. I was going to review movies that I found to be not only good, but ones that made me want to say, “Play it Again!”.  A lot of my favorite movies every year are the films that make me go “I want to see that again”. Yes, the Oscar films are usually pretty good, but I never find myself wanting to rewatch them. I want to tackle those films I won’t get sick of. These are your Logan Lucky, your From Dusk Til Dawn, your Ant-Man, your Uncle Buck, and your Moonstruck, etc.. Sure, some of them might be major award winners, but they will mostly be the films that the Academy might avoid giving awards to.

So, here are the rules. The films in question are chosen by a highly intellectual team of me, myself, and I. This means that these reviews are going to be of my subjective opinion. If you don’t agree with it, that’s fine, but do not get at me for liking a movie you didn’t. Oh, and to be clear, just because I don’t find it rewatchable, doesn’t mean I hate the movie itself. It simply means that it’s a great movie that I don’t want to watch again.

The next rule is that the films that qualify for these reviews must be at the very least 75-100% rewatchable. This means I won’t choose films that some critics like to say “only watch for the last 20 minutes”. I find that way of thinking damaging to film criticism, since who wants to spend money on a movie to simply watch the last 20 minutes? I never want to suggest a movie that’s only partly good, because I’d rather you spend money or your time watching a film that only has a few flaws.

The third and final rule (for now) is that I won’t be covering animated movies. I already do that with The Other Side of Animation. It has to be live-action and only live-action. I might bend the rules if there is an animated sequence in the film, but if it’s half-animated and half-live-action, then that’s going to The Other Side of Animation.

I hope you enjoy these reviews!