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Quickie Review 5: Jexi Review


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I shouldn't even be giving this film a quickie review. This is such a waste of time for everyone on board, and I just can't imagine a movie that could almost beat Loqueesha as the worst movie of 2019, but by george, Jexi, by writers and directors, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore almost beats it! 


Where do I even start with this trainwreck? Okay, I know where I need to start, what was this film trying to be? I'm usually on board with clunky, but ambitious films, but this film had no clear idea of what it wanted to be. Was it supposed to be a romantic comedy? Was it supposed to be a comedy? Was it supposed to be a quirky horror comedy with a psychotic phone AI? Was it meant to be this anti-phone commentary? It decides that it wants to be a KFC Famous Bowl and be all of the above. Unlike that thing though, this movie isn't good! You don't care about the chemistry between the characters, the commentary is spring roll wrap thin, the romantic and comedy elements aren't great, the characters aren't likable, and you get the idea. Like, was the moral to live life and throw away your phone? Well, yes, but no, because you still need your phone for our modern-day lives. It's like they had no real idea what to do, but had to turn in something to make a check. 


Oh, and let's get this out of the way, Adam DeVine, no matter how charming he can be, and good lord I know he's trying, isn't a male lead. He works as a secondary character to everyone else. He's extremely obnoxious, and it just reminds me why I hated him in Game Over, Man. However, while he is a lot of why this film doesn't work, none of the actors are given any service by being in this movie. The only one I think was almost at the point of making me keep this out of my top 10 worst for the year was Michael Pena. I mean, it's because he's Michael Pena, and he's an actor that can make almost anything work. 


Jexi almost beat out Loqueesha for the worst film of 2019, and I can't stand either film. Luckily, it seems like people are avoiding Jexi like the plague, as it's bombing in theaters, and while that sucks for everyone involved, it's just another example as to why people prefer to not go to theaters. Why should I go see something as half-baked and undercooked like Jexi, when I can simply turn on my Netflix and watch The Chef Show? A lot of the actors in this movie like Adam DeVine, Ron Funches, Michael Pena, Rose Byrne, Charlyne Yi, Alexandra Shipp, and Kid Cudi should have been in a better movie together. I almost would rather watch Rambo: Last Blood again. To the shock of no one, this is a movie I will not play again

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