Introduction Post!

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Other Side of Animation. Now, what is this you might ask? Well, let me ask you a question. You have all probably watched or read about award shows for films and TV shows. These are your Golden Globes, your Oscars, the Razzies, and you get the idea. Now then, you ever see the awards that go to the best animated features/shorts? You see the nominations and they are usually filled with films from Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks. You then see one or two nominations for films that you have never heard of. My reaction when I see that is, “Wait! What’s that movie?” These are the films that you always see get limited theatrical releases before awards season, and always get overlooked and ignored by the mass public since Dreamworks, Pixar, and Disney are much bigger names. Unfortunately for those people that have never heard of these smaller films, they are usually of higher quality, depending on the year they were released. For example, during the 2014 Oscars, I thought Song of the Sea was a superior film compared to Disney’s Big Hero 6, but since no one saw Song of the Sea, Big Hero 6 was obviously the winner due to Disney and Marvel being behind it and the common moviegoer being more familiar with those titles than the team behind Song of the Sea. Not that there is anything wrong with something like that since I still liked Big Hero 6, but you always would like something to spice up the mix a bit and see the bigwigs of the industry share the space with some newcomers.
My goal for this site is to review/talk about animated films that are not by the likes of Dreamworks, Disney, and Pixar. These are your films like A Monster in Paris, Ernest and Celestine, The Nut Job, Memories, Song of the Sea, The Rabbi’s Cat, and The Triplets of Belleville. This means that films by famed studio, Studio Ghibli will be on the review list because they were not directly made by Disney. Disney only helped distribute them.

Here are the guidelines for my reviews and any editorials I will be doing.

Main reviews will not be about any films made by Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks.

I may talk about animated TV shows at some point in the future, but I do not want a constant flood of suggestions for anime and OVAs. They are not my specialty, and I would rather 99% of my reviews be about animated films, anthology films, and animated shorts.

Any films/TV shows that are by Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks will be limited to editorials/lists.

You can send me recommendations for animated movies/animated TV shows for reviews/editorials I haven’t done yet. I’d be happy to consider any suggestions!


Well then, you must be wondering if I will have a rating system. I will indeed have one, but it won’t be a typical number/star/letter rating. I have set up my own rating system below!

Criterion/Essentials: Perfect movies that are instant purchases and should be in your movie library.

Go See it! : A fantastic movie that is bogged down by a few noticeable problems

Rent it: Not a terrible movie, but it had too many issues that result in a movie worth a lone rental/see on Netflix/On Demand if there is literally nothing else on.

Lackluster!: A terrible movie that, out of morbid curiosity, might be checked out, but should be avoided in order to see better movies.

The Worst: Nothing redeemable, and not worth giving attention to. It might have one element to enjoy, but it’s not even close to redeeming the gigantic amount of problems the movie has.

I hope you enjoy these posts and have a nice day!