Kickstarter Shout-out: SUPERHOT

 photo superhotbanner.jpg Since shooters are one of the biggest selling genres in gaming these days, the gaming market is flooded with them. Unfortunately, it is getting harder to say why your shooter is different from the others. Sometimes shooters make their identity with either unique gameplay mechanics or having the focus on storytelling and enveloping you in a very atmospheric world. Recently, a shooter arrived on Kickstarter that already got a lot of publicity, but a little more wouldn’t hurt. This shooter is called SUPERHOT and read on to see why I am giving this game a shout-out!

 photo superhot01.jpg

On the Kickstarter page, the team said that they want to give the player a story driven experience that isn’t in your face with the plot. This will probably mean that the game will be about the gameplay and enveloping you into the game’s world. However, no other details other than that are available. The main draw to this game however, is the core gameplay mechanic that you have probably seen before in games like Max Payne 3—time only moves when you move. This makes the game, while still a shooter, more of a puzzle due to how you take down the enemy while you stop, move, and shoot. They have a playable demo of the game so you can actually check it out without having to pay an entry fee to see if you like what they have made so far. The demo can be challenging because if you get shot just once, you’re dead. For me, it became a tense situation while having to take in consideration who I shot first and where I even turned my head. Remember, any move you make results in time moving forward.

 photo superhot03.jpg

Speaking in terms of graphics, the game is very simple and some of the areas in the demo reminded me of the more corporate sections of the Syndicate reboot, but there is a certain charm to the look. Its simple style fits the game and I love the detail where you can see the bullet stream go right by you. Now, whether they expand on this look once the game is done, we will have to see. Maybe they will have other colored characters that do different things—like green or blue enemies who will have different attack patterns when they encounter the player.

 photo superhot04.jpg

I like the idea and game mechanics this game is offering. I like the tense puzzle element and I feel like this will be one of those games that will be a popular favorite among gamers who want something different with their shooters. Like I said above the developers have a prototype out on the Kickstarter page and you should really check it out. The game has exceeded its $100K funding goal. So far, it is only for the PC, but who knows, maybe they will add console versions as stretch goals. How about you stop time and check this Kickstarter out?